Netanyahu Thanks Trump for Massive Primary Win

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2019

I predicted that Netanyahu would never go away.

But then Trump was looking like he thought he was going to go away, so I was like “oh, maybe he is going to go away.”

Now it looks like he’s not going away.

New York Post:

After his landslide primary victory to maintain his grip on the right-wing Likud Party, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked President Donald Trump on Friday — and vowed to bring US recognition of Israeli sovereignty in West bank settlements.

“Most people support the right, and most people support me for prime minister,” Netanyahu told supporters a day after he handily defeated main challenger Gideon Sa’ar with 72 percent of the vote for party leader, the Times of Israel reported.

He said the win was a “huge expression of confidence in my path, our path.

Israel heads to a third round of elections in less than a year on March 2 after Netanyahu failed to form a government coalition in the two previous votes in April and September.

The jubilant premier thanked Trump for his “historic decisions” to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, transfer the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognize Israel’s sovereignty in the Golan Heights, and shift US policy to no longer consider the establishment of Israeli settlements in the West Bank as illegal.

Netanyahu also promised “more historic achievements” in the event of a victory in the national elections and laid out an ambitious six-point plan, according to the news outlet.

“First, we will finalize our borders; second, we will push the US to recognize our sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea; third, we will push for US recognition of our extension of sovereignty over all the communities in Judea and Samaria, all of them without exception; fourth, we will push for a historic defense alliance with the US that will preserve Israeli freedom of action; fifth, stop Iran and its allies decisively; and sixth, push for normalization and agreements that will lead to peace accords with Arab countries,” he said.

Yeah, his actual plan to just seize all of Palestine, completely.

I was even shocked when I saw his latest visual aid.

Just to give you a clearer picture, here’s a clearer picture.

Bold, for sure.

Trump actually hasn’t signed off on all that just yet.

If he does, it seems like it will lead to terrorist attacks in America.

But maybe it won’t?

I don’t have a really good understanding of the current state of the collective Islamic mind.

It would just be really nice if Jews recognized all that Trump is doing for them in their country and stopped destroying our country so badly. But there just isn’t any chance that this is going to happen.