Netanyahu is About to Get Taken Down Because His Wife is a Diabolical Scam-Artist Ordering Mass Take-Out Food

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2017

lol @ the most powerful Jew in the world getting fucked over by his out of control wife.

Poetic justice.

And this is the same thing that is happening to Bernie.

Maybe liberating women wasn’t such a good idea, kikes?

Washington Post:

Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is likely to be indicted on fraud-related charges in a case that peers into spending on catered meals and lifestyle in the official residence, a statement by Israel’s attorney general said Friday.

The probe — called the “meal booking affair” — alleged the prime minister’s wife and the head of the operational resources unit in the official residence with falsifying documents so that food from outside companies and private chefs could be used, even though there was a full-time chef.

The statement by the attorney general, Avichai Mendelblit, said that Netanyahu is suspected of diverted some $102,000 in public funds for this use.

Netanyahu was informed that she would be able to make final arguments in the case before the state attorney issues a possible indictment, which could lead to a trial. No date has been set for such a hearing, however.

Both during Benjamin Netanyahu’s first term as prime minister between 1996-99 and since taking office in 2003, his wife has come under scrutiny for her perceived opulent lifestyle, often being portrayed by the local media as a kind of Marie Antoinette.

In other words: “it was noticed that she is a woman.”

Last year, a former housekeeper at the official residence successfully sued the couple for abusive treatment winning about $43,735 in damages. During his testimony, Meni Naftali revealed intimate details about Sara Netanyahu’s lifestyle, including her taste for pink champagne and other luxuries.

In 2015, the state comptroller released a report showing excessive spending at the official residence at 2 Balfour Street in Jerusalem. It noted the Netanyahu’s had billed taxpayers for 92,781 shekels, or about $24,000 for takeout food in 2011.

Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the attorney general’s statement in a Facebook post, laying the blame for the inflated spending on his former housekeeper Naftali. He uploaded a bar chart, highlighting that the overspending “fell miraculously when he left.”

“Why did the expenses surge in these years? Who ate or took huge quantity of food, enough for a football team? Certainly not the Netanyahu family,” he wrote.

Behind every great man there is a woman trying to get all of the material wealth and public attention she can.

I use the term “great man” in the classic sense here, of course.

Bibi is one of the 5 most powerful people in the world.

And this is how the nigga gonna go down: that bitch on the take for take-out food.

Spending $500 a week of taxpayer money on takeout – when you already have a royal chef – is in itself weird, but maybe not that huge of a deal.

The issue is the falsification of documents in order to acquire this takeout.

That is fraud. And if his wife is indicted for this, how much other fraud are they involved in? Well, they’re Jews, so probably a lot.

This could actually bring the man down.

And that would be one of the funniest things yet.

It’s sort of symbolic as well: the primary purpose of men in the eyes of women is to feed them. That is on the most basic, primitive level. A woman is doing everything she can to be fed. That is why they want to be beautiful. Why they are obsessed with their physical appearance. They need to trick men into feeding them, or they will not eat.