Netanyahu Humiliates German Sugar Daddy

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2017

Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel recently visited Israel for the masochistic annual German ritual of prostrating before and being publicly humiliated on the global stage by Israeli Jews, who claim ownership over the German race based on fantastical nonsense about lampshade and soap-related “war crimes” which allegedly took place 70 years ago.

But Netanyahu didn’t even bother to show up.

His grave offense?

He briefly met with a group that collects the confessions of Israeli soldiers who commit war crimes. This was not an affront to the Israeli military itself – which Germany outfits with the finest nuclear weapon platforms for the nuclear weapons they don’t officially have – but to the supposed “minority” of bad apples who rape, murder and torture women and children to death.

But that’s offensive in Israel. Gentiles are to Jews are a group of ants, born to be torched by a kid with a magnifying glass. This is the state ideology of Israel. Gabriel was left a groveling, apologizing mess.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled talks on Tuesday with Germany’s visiting foreign minister, snubbing Sigmar Gabriel over his decision to meet groups critical of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

The dispute threatened to widen a rift between Israel and Germany over the Palestinian issue. Berlin has been increasingly critical of the settlement policies of Netanyahu’s right-wing government in occupied territory Palestinians seek for a state.

“My policy is clear: Not to meet with diplomats who visit Israel and engage with organizations that slander Israeli soldiers and seek to have them put on trial as war criminals,” Netanyahu said in Jerusalem late on Tuesday.

He said he was leading Israel “through proud nationalist polices and not by bowing our heads and groveling”.

But he emphasized that relations with Germany would remain strong and important.

Gabriel told reporters the decision was “not nice” and caught him by surprise since he generally had an open relationship with Netanyahu, but added that it did not spell “the end of diplomatic ties between the two countries”.

“I regret it greatly. And, I’ll say it openly, we cannot become a political football for Israeli domestic politics,” he said. “But it’s not a catastrophe. There will be another occasion to meet somewhere … We have to let things cool off.”

On Monday, an Israeli official had said Netanyahu, who is also foreign minister, would not see Gabriel if he went ahead with meeting the Israeli group “Breaking the Silence“.

The organization, a frequent target of criticism by the Israeli government, collects testimony from Israeli veterans about the military’s treatment of Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Gabriel underscored the importance of Germany’s ties to Israel during a meeting with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin: “You can absolutely be sure we are committed to the friendship, the partnership and the special relationship with Israel and nothing will change this.

Gabriel told reporters he found it noteworthy that Rivlin repeatedly emphasized that Israel was a democratic country with a right to freedom of expression.

If this was any other country, with any other leader, Gabriel would’ve reacted with outrage.

But in this little state in the desert that we in the West give hundreds of billions worth in aid, intel and weapons to, he begs for forgiveness. Israel contributes nothing to the world except war and chaos, yet this nation of Talmud-reading welfare queens act like they’re doing us the favor.

When the Western powderkeg explodes – and it will – Jews will get an attitude adjustment. This microscopic minority of amoral despots are so arrogant they believe this world isn’t big enough for the both of us. One day men of justice and reason will seize power in Germany or elsewhere. Then we can take them up on that prospect.