Netanyahu Congratulates Biden


Some people are saying that Trump unfollowing Bibi on Twitter is a hoax. They are saying that he never followed him.

That appears to be the case, although the reports are conflicting.

Original article follows.

Jewish mastermind Bibi Netanyahu was simply waiting for an opportunity to throw Our President under the bus!

Part of Donald Trump’s agenda was getting the wins that he was allowed to get by helping Israel.

He would claim that he’s done more for Israel than any other president. Actually, that wasn’t true at all, because what Israel wants is war and he didn’t start any wars. All he did was symbolic things, like move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and say that Israel can officially control the Golan Heights (something that they’ve done for decades anyway, without strong US opposition).

Trump also killed an Iranian official, while refusing war with Iran. And he bombed Syria, while also dismantling the Israeli-run ISIS terror machine.

However, Trump was very loud in his support for Bibi Netanyahu as a person. He was always there for Bibi when he was being accused of things, and when he faced reelection.

Bibi, unfortunately, was not there for him – the Israeli Jew leader released a video on Sunday night congratulating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on their win.

This was a majorly Jewish flip, to abandon Trump so quickly, after Trump has stood by him for so long.

It turns out that Bibi did not have any special affinity for Trump – he was just a typical Jew, exploiting the situation, manipulating Trump for his own purposes. As soon as it looks like Biden has taken over, Bibi went straight to Biden, and started his obsequiousness bit.

Thankfully, Trump understands now what this Jew is up to – Jews are reporting that the President engaged in a universal gesture of famous person on famous person insult, and unfollowed Bibi on Twitter.

The fact that Trump supporters were shocked by this Jewish betrayal should show you that we have a lot of work to do in getting the people on our team up to speed about the situation we are in.

They are waking up quick, however, and that should give you a warm feeling.

This is good – we can now point to Israel as betrayers of the MAGA agenda. The masses of Republicans only ever supported Israel because they thought that these Jews were somehow aligned with our interests. Now that it is clear that they are not aligned with our interests, it will not be difficult to get MAGA people to abandon their support for so-called “right-wing Jews.”

If you’re talking to these people, just tell them the facts: Jews killed our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so it is no surprise that they would stab Trump in the back as well. They are anti-Christian.

Meanwhile, the Israeli agent in the White House, registered Democrat Jared Kushner, is allegedly attempting to convince Donald Trump to concede the election.

Part of what we are going to need to do in the weeks and months ahead, as we step out and lead the MAGA movement, is help the masses to realize that the Jews are not our friends and in fact, the Jews are responsible for every failure of the Trump administration. Remember: you DO NOT do that by supporting Moslems. You do that by making it clear that Jews do not support us.

Going forward, we need a movement that is CHRISTIAN in nature, and does not pander to those who hate Christ like the Jews. Remember: Ben Shapiro also hates Jesus Christ, and has made no secret of that hatred.

Netanyahu’s betrayal of Trump is a major opportunity for us to show the people the way.