“Neo-Nazism” is Fake and Gay

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2018


I have been insulted by the Jews since my beginning of my career as a virulent anti-Semite. Only these are not actual insults, but misclassifications.

“White supremacist neo-Nazi” is what they have called me.

I don’t know what this means.

Actually now I do know what it is. I didn’t when they started saying it. At various points between 2013 and 2015, I protested the classification and then realized that it was fucking hilarious that they were claiming that I was some kind of 1980s bomber jacket skinhead, and that amplifying this claim was stupidly hilarious.

Just so, this was virulently hilarious. The whole theme of the site was mocking these fantastical Jewish stereotypes of inbred redneck racism, and the kikes are so paranoid and delusional that they took a Colbert-like caricature at face value.

I remember the first time some kike from Time or Newsweek or one of those Jew clickbait sites asked me how I identify and I said “white supremacist and neo-Nazi” and he paused for a good five seconds and said “okay.”

He was not expecting me to pull an Alinsky and embrace the insult.

This particular bit proved extremely profitable to me. I was featured for two years in the mainstream Jewish media as the cartoonish caricature that doesn’t exist. The reader understood what I was doing, and I actually explained it publicly on a regular basis.

To be clear, in real life, I identify as an American nationalist who hates Jews and wants to restore America to its rightful place as the center of a global white empire which will eventually become a galactic power. I am also a virulent supporter of nationalist movements in Europe and other diaspora nations.

To put this in simple terms, I believe nothing more or less than what my great grandfathers believed. Perhaps a little bit more, because I believe in creating a new religion based on the Book of John, Jungian archetypes, Heidegger and the Dune series.

The whole evil racist narrative was not developed until after WWII, when the Jews won and declared everything that Hitler stood to be evil. This was problematic, because all Hitler actually stood for was traditional European values, adapted to the scientific, industrial era. Whereas Jews had been historically viewed as a satanic religious group whose blood was cursed by God, the German National Socialists were able to update this perception for the Darwinian age, showing that they were in fact a biological phenomenon – a parasite and a human cancer.

I love Hitler, and do not believe he did anything wrong. I believe he was the greatest European leader in many ways; because of the era he lived in, he was able to transform the white racial identity, and our eternal war against the brown hordes, as a battle rooted in science. He applied this knowledge, and the knowledge regarding the methodology of using science as the basis of a society generally, with brilliance and passion.

Of course, he fucked some shit up in that goofy war. Which is a shame. But hindsight is 20/20. Though I think they are worth studying, I’m not going to retroactively litigate the decisions he made during the war. In particular, it is intensely important to understand that Hitler’s biggest mistake was a refusal to embrace absolute brutality. It was basically moralfagging and an innocence and devotion to principle that lost the war.

Total War was discussed, but it was never truly embraced.

The greatest lesson of that war is that you cannot show mercy and you cannot ever blink. Also, be careful with amphetamines and other narcotics when you are a Supreme Leader running a war against the entire world.

So I have what would probably be wrongly characterized as a “nuanced” view of Hitler. It isn’t actually nuanced, it is just a series of obvious observations.

I think he was a great man and I think there is a lot we should learn from him, and that is pretty much the long and short of it.

None of this means I want to dress up in costumes and march around waving swastika flags. The key reason I am not interested in this particular behavior is that I think it is gay as fuck and mainly promoted by feds because they understand it’s fucking gay.

What I did not anticipate is that Matthew Heimbach and his Tradtionalist Worker Party would actually embrace the cartoonish stereotype the media had created in a nonironic manner, and that people from Mike Enoch and Richard Spencer would then determine that this should be a part of the mainstream “Alt-Right” (not placing blame here, just recounting events).

So basically, when these people showed up in their costumes at Charlottesville, it became very difficult to attempt to spin the whole situation as representative of my own agenda.

I of course encouraged people to go to Charlottesville, and that is not something I am going to show any regret over. What I will say is that I spent the weeks leading up to the event denouncing unironic neo-Nazism. Though I didn’t involve myself in the planning of the event on any level, I attempted to privately contact Matt Heimbach and ask him not to do costumes and to not rant about communism. I was blown off.

Then the thing happened with the fat whore’s heart attack. And the whole thing was defined by the most absurd elements – Heimbach and other cartoons.

Everyone at the event was doxed. Except this guy. You figure that one out.

I denounced further events, but they kept doing them. Until Heimbach had an unfortunate sexual situation which involved incest and domestic violence.

I don’t want to go into that. It’s his personal shit. This is not a sex gossip site. It’s not really anyone’s business but the people involved.

However, it is impossible not to observe that this was a guy who spoke incessantly about “traditional family values” while he was engaged in a sexual relationship with his mother-in-law and beating his wife in front of his children when she complained about it.

In other words, he was playing a character of a traditional family man, while also playing a character of a neo-Nazi cartoon.

I was never involved with any of this weird gay shit other than to ask the people involved to please stop. But it affected me in a lot of different ways. The most serious way it affected me is that the neo-Nazi meme is simply not funny anymore.

The media heavily promoted Heimbach and his strange and repulsive acts, so now this is the image of neo-nazism.

And it cannot be reclaimed.

The Alt-Right as a brand is now inextricably linked to imagery which is cringy and sickening.

I didn’t mourn it. It’s unfortunate. But there was some kind of historical necessity to all of this.

I’ve always been the same. For five years on this website, I have held the same positions. A bunch of weird shit fucked with my memes, and I now understand that any kind of major rally is going to turn into a repulsive display of cringe weirdness.

There is no way to avoid these people becoming involved, and turning whatever you are trying to do into a joke.

That Documentary

If you want to see how non-serious these people are, watch the film White Right: Meeting the Enemy, where the joke Nazis all end up worshiping a Paki slut and apologizing to her because well, she’s ostensibly mildly attractive.

This is the bitch whose pussy made them flinch:

The Paki who said we have to accept that “the UK is never going to be white again.”

I will continue to call this Paki slut a “shitskin,” while these cringe faggots recant and apologize to her.

Jared Taylor is the only pussy-proof figure in that documentary – all of the “hardcore” costume Nazis apologize.

Neo-Nazism of the costume variety is nothing at all but a pretend game – these people are playing dress-up and pretending to be characters in the exact same way as people do at comic con.

The key difference is that neo-Nazi cosplay it is not sexy. 

The only people who ever did costumed neo-Nazism right are J-Pop idols.

Fallout: Charlottesville

Most of the normal people involved in real life activism were chased off by the Charlottesville fallout. Those who remained jumped off when the remnants of the Heimbach wignat (wigger nationalist) movement doxed Ricky Vaughn.

Any kind of real life movement is going to have to be organized by serious people instead of deranged lunatics.

But before anything like that can happen, we need to build an infrastructure. And the obvious best way to do this is by becoming active in the GOP.

Instead of doxing yourself as a anti-Semitic racist attempting to build an aryan space empire, people need to volunteer – or get paid positions – in the campaigns and administrations of MAGA candidates.

We need to start training a generation of ourselves to be politicians.

This means keeping your social media clean and not attending any event where you could be doxed.

The Trump Train will not be derailed. We are going to win in November, we are going to win in 2020, and Tucker Carlson is going to win in 2024, or whenever Trump decides to stop being president (he’ll have enough power to do a third term if he’s up to it).

As for Me And My House, We will Serve the Lols

All I ever wanted to do was drive white racial awareness and hatred of Jews into the mainstream by creating a white identity subculture that was hip and fun. I wanted to make jokes and disarm the ruling establishment with humor.

Sometimes – bizarrely – I find myself as the adult in the room, feeling as though I am obligated to meticulously explain things which I believe should be obvious.

So I will continue to post serious articles on my humor site. Maybe I’ll eventually turn the site over to someone else and spend more time writing serious things, though I am not even sure we are at the point where that would be worth it.

The most important thing right now is getting as many young white men as possible on board with our agenda, and I am very good at this, so I think it is where I should be focusing my efforts.


Here’s the bottom line: get rid of this revolution nigger shit. You have to stop thinking in these babylike terms of some glorious “day of the rope” overthrow of the government or whatever the shit it is these lunatics are talking about.

We need to take back our countries, and we need to do it in a way that is possible, rather than fucking it all up in the name of some noble sacrifice.

Our grandchildren aren’t going to care if you were really brave when you fucked-up any chance of victory by marching through the streets in a Nazi costume. They won’t care because they won’t exist.

If you want to do something, get involved in GOP politics. Period. Don’t do anything other than that – unless you are talented enough to add something meaningful in terms of far-right media. And if you do that, be very careful and do not get doxed.

As we gain political experience, we will begin building real organizations. Organizations like what NPI was supposed to be, but which failed because of a lack of a clear direction. If you are in your twenties in college, get a useful degree, work in the young Republicans, stack them with our guys but be clever about it. After school – or during – volunteer for MAGA campaigns.

This has to be done this way. It is the singular path to victory.

Other than possibly a nuclear war.

What I am doing here is presenting a real life path which anyone with a bit of clarity of thought can put together.

No one else is doing that.

Please process this.

Because we only get one shot at this.

If you want to ask questions or make lunatic wignat allegations, do so in the comments and I’ll respond in a follow up post.

We need to be clear here.