Neo-Nazis Continue to Promote the Flu Hoax, Say “Economic Collapse” Means Stocks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 7, 2020

To my absolute shock and amazement, the same neo-Nazis who claimed that the media was 100% right about how Harvey Weinstein was a rapist for having sex with prostitutes are saying the media is 100% right about the Coronavirus hoax and claiming that when the economy collapses, it will just mean “stocks go down.”

I am now beginning to believe that neo-Nazis are tasked with promoting the exact agenda of the media and simply saying “this is actually good for white people though.”

I don’t really know how else you can explain this.

This is a tweet from the same neo-Nazi leader who attacked me directly for claiming that Harvey Weinstein did not commit a rape, and made up his own fake definition of the term “third-degree rape” because he knew his retard followers were too stupid to look it up:

As I have documented here, meticulously, the idea that this Coronavirus is a “pandemic” is insane. We now know this as an absolute matter of fact. The “novel coronavirus” is simply a strand of the flu. And it is not a particularly strong strand of the flu. We are going to have fewer deaths from the flu (including “Coronavirus”) than we had in 2017-18, by a huge margin. This is despite the fact that the CDC has ordered hospitals to pad the statistics by recording anyone who dies as dying of Coronavirus.

It is simply unfathomable that at this point in the game, when literally every single doomsday prediction has been wrong and we are now entering spring, when the infections will stop completely, that any person who isn’t working directly for the media or the government in order to extend the hysteria could still be claiming that any of these measures were justified.

I suppose that it might be that the neo-Nazis simply don’t want to admit that they were wrong to go along with the media hysteria on this. But they are also continuing to mock the idea that this will collapse the economy – which the neo-Nazi cutely calls “muh conomy” in the above tweet (because neo-Nazis are great with the memes, lemme tell ya).

The basic line that neo-Nazis are pushing is that when people say “the economy will collapse,” they mean that boomers will lose money on the stock market. But that is not what it means. What it means is that no one is going to have a job, virtually 100% of small businesses will go bankrupt, and we are going to have a very difficult time eating and maintaining a place to live. This is going to be the worst thing that has ever happened in history, in terms of an absolute and total collapse.

Saying “stonks” over and over again doesn’t change that reality.

Most neo-Nazis are on the extreme low-end of the IQ spectrum, which is why they were willing to believe that locking Harvey Weinstein up because he’s a Jew was logical, even while one of their own sits in prison because of the “believe women” precedent that the Weinstein case set. I suspect that most of them do not have a whole lot of savings, and are going to be completely wrecked by this collapse.

How will they feel about their neo-Nazi leaders, who told them not to worry and that the media was right, when they are living in a shelter and waiting in line for government canned goods?

I suspect they will feel pretty betrayed by these neo-Nazis.

Maybe then we in the pro-white movement will finally be rid of this horrid and repulsive plague that is the horde of fat, feminist liars.

Clearly, we cannot change the outcome of this. The economy is going to collapse completely, and most of us are going to be out of work. I hope people will still figure out ways to send me a few dollars here and there, but it’s going to be hard for even me to keep going with what I do here. But knowing it is going to happen is important, as you can prepare yourself. By knowing what is going to happen, some of you may be able to change jobs into something that is more “critical” in a country with a collapsed economy. Everyone is going to be trying to get those jobs, but if you understand the situation early on, you might be able to get in early. Some of you might be able to cut back on current spending, or invest in things that are going to maintain value in the case of a strain on the dollar.

Even if there is nothing you can do to prepare yourself financially, you can at least prepare yourself mentally for something that is going to be an extreme shock.

I tell you the truth because I care about what happens to you. Neo-Nazis don’t care if you end up confused by an economic collapse that they told you just meant stocks were going to go down, just like they don’t care if you go to prison for a rape hoax.

Beyond that however, by claiming the media is right about this, you lose any and all ability to analyze what it means and what the next step is. We’ve talked about the possibility of mandatory vaccines, and that may come, but what I am especially interested in is the nigh-certainty that the solution to this collapse will be a major war.

It has always been clear that neo-Nazis are purely some kind of intelligence operation, but it has never been more obvious than when they decided to start pushing virtually every major hoax that the media pushes and then claiming it is really the white nationalist position. Pushing this Coronavirus hoax this late in the game, and claiming that all the economic collapse means is that boomers’ stock portfolios will be damaged, is absolutely beyond the pale.