NEO-NAZI VICTORY! Notre Dame Will Not Have a Minaret!

Daily Stormer
May 30, 2019

Jewish “worker” LOL

This wouldn’t have even been discussed in a normal country, but there are no normal countries anymore.


The French Senate has voted to reject the plans for rebuilding Notre Dame cathedral in Paris put forward by the French executive including President Emmanuel Macron who wanted an “inventive reconstruction”, mandating that the work must be traditional.

The vote by the Senate may put to rest concerns over the fate of the globally renowned Notre Dame cathedral which was severely damaged by fire in April, which has been further threatened by suggestions the promised rebuild be led by a modernist architect. Now the cathedral and spire must resemble “the last known visual condition” before the fire, meaning a totally traditional rebuild.

(((Inventive reconstruction))).

This kind of chutzpah is why Shlomo anointed him chief Shabbos frog of France to begin with.

French President Emmanuel Macron made a number of pronouncements in the immediate aftermath of the fire, including that rebuilding would be completed within five years, and that the design would be “inventive” and a modern “contemporary architectural gesture”. French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said the design was being opened to an international architectural competition.

The suggestion was immediately met by a flurry of incongruous, contemporary designs by modernist design offices hoping to get the presumably lucrative contract.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that he wanted to finish the rebuilding exactly in time for the next presidential election.

I hate democracy…

But in amending the law governing the rebuild on Monday, the Senate voted that the reborn cathedral should not only resemble Notre Dame as it was before the fire, but even that modern building materials replacing the traditional would have to be justified first, reports France24.

The Senate also raised concerns about the five-year timescale called for by President Macron, which is seen by both members of the chamber and the traditional architecture profession as too short a time period to do a good job, and would lead to “cutting corners” to meet the deadline. The president of the Commission of Culture, Catherine Morin-Desailly spoke out against the five-year limit, saying the project would take as long as it takes, while another member remarked that “Presidential speeches do not make law”.

The government had intended to exempt the Notre Dame rebuild from planning and heritage preservation laws to facilitate the modern changes, but the Senate also voted to remove those exemptions.

It looks like the French Senate has some slightly smarter Shabbos frogs in it, and they realized the backlash would be too great if they changed the spire into a giant dildo to symbolize the modern (((zeitgeist))).

It’s a pretty major win, really.

The law still has to be confirmed by the French lower house, who originated the law and to whom it will now be passed back with the amendments, meaning it is possible the Macron-loyal assembly may attempt to insist on rejecting the traditional preference.

This appears to be more of a formality from what I read.

I could be wrong though.

The architectural profession, which is generally fanatically modernist in outlook, has criticised the decision to see a much-loved icon rebuilt properly, rather than modernised. It may be that the vote by the French Senate is even in response to the surge of design proposals put forward in the wake of the fire.

Among the ideas put forward by the highly self-regarding architectural profession were a variety of steel and plate-glass roofs to replace the original oak and lead which was destroyed on the night of April 15th, a shard-inspired crystal glazed spire, a swimming pool, and even a minaret to memorialise dead Algerians who fought France for independence in the 1960s.

If you thought I was joking about the minaret thing in the title, you clearly don’t understand the current current year very well.

Also, I added architects to my “Groups of people that have to be exterminated in cartoonishly violent ways when RAHOWA starts” list.

Those guys aside though, there really is gonna be a minaret over Notre Dame in a few decades if we don’t get rid of the kikes and their weaponized brown filth.