Neo-Nazi Radical Paul Joseph Watson Speaks Out Against Swedism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2015

Recently, more strange information has come to light about the checkered past of one Paul Joseph Watson.

Photographs, released on the dark web, show a young Watson meeting with international terrorist and Skinhead Militia leader Ben Garrison in the 1990s at Garrison’s neo-Nazi compound, where it is believed that Garrison took Watson under his wing as his protégé.

It is alleged that while being indoctrinated into the Garrison doctrine of total and complete genocide against all inferiors, Watson underwent extensive martial arts and weapons training by Garrison’s own skilled hand.  Experts now believe that Garrison sent him to infiltrate the Alex Jones’ infowars operation, which is controlled by Jones’ Jew wife, in order to push the believers in Jones’ libertarian circlejerk into neo-Nazi extremism.

Paul was instructed to encourage Jones to engage in drug abuse, consumption of excessive carbs and irresponsible use of his own patented male vitality formula, to position himself to take over when the Fat Man eventually collapsed under the weight of his own destruction.

We are now in the process of witnessing Watson step up to oust the Fat Man, injecting more and more hardcore neo-Nazism into the YouTube and Twitter feeds of infowars while Jones rattles on about crisis actors and hot, hot deals on vitamin supplement snake oil.

Garrison is also believed to have told Watson that if he ever lost his life in the war against the kikes, Watson would have to take his place as Supreme Commander of the Skinhead Militia.

With Garrison MIA after a series of genocidal bombings last summer, could it be that Watson is planning to take Jones down and rise to the top of the infowars media empire, to consolidate the infowarriors with the Skinhead Militia and use this combined force of ultimate resistance to start a race war in America?

Will Paul Joseph Watson be the one to finally stop these kikes, once and for all?

Time will tell, brothers.  Time will tell.