Neo-Nazi Insurgency Leader Candace Owens Denied Mandated Covid Test

The neo-Nazi and white supremacist leader Candace Owens has been denied a coronavirus test by a brave fighter against anti-vax.

Owens has described people of color as both “unfit” and “not human.”

Here is the letter she received from the testing company manager Suzanna Lee:

Candace is falsely claiming that this means this entire pandemic is just a hoax staged by Democrats.

However, the obvious meaning is that the brave testing facility manager just wanted Candace to die from the deadly virus because her hatred is so harmful to our democracy.

Suzanna was willing to risk other people getting infected with the deadly virus by not testing Candace in order to assassinate Candace using covid.

As they say in the IDF: you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

Candace was turned away because she is a merchant of death.

Now Candace is trying to make a fuss about this, even though Suzanna was just servicing her conscience by attempting this assassination.

Suzanna Lee is an American hero for trying to murder Candace Owens with covid, and we need more federal contractors who are willing to step out of line and use the deadly virus to assassinate anti-vaxers.