Neo-Nazi Ice-Cream Shop Promotes “Blackface” Commercial

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2017

This isn’t funny. At all.

Ever since Australia abolished its racist White Australia policy in 1965, the country has been getting better and better.

What was once an arid, featureless wasteland populated with criminal-minded Anglos and potato niggers has evolved, over the decades, into a thriving multicultural society bursting with culture and vibrancy.

No Islamic terrorism, no Pakistani rape gangs, no innocent Blacks being targeted by police officers because of the color of their skin. In contemporary Australia, people of all races co-exist in harmony, just as the benevolent Jews who opened its borders intended.

Surely nothing could go wrong in such a post-racial utopia, right?

Well, guess again. Something has gone wrong – and yes, White people did it.

Daily Mail:

A popular ice cream chain is accused of racism for social media ads depicting a hand covered in charcoal and ‘blackface’ in the caption.

The promotion of n2 Extreme Gelato’s new honey charcoal vanilla flavour featured a white hand gripping an ice cream cone covered in a dusting of carbon.

‘Is it still considered blackface if it’s just on your hand???’ the caption for the ad on both the company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts read.

‘Anyway it’s just spilt carbon so calm yo t*ts with our Honey Charcoal Vanila gelato! (Carbon dusting not included),’ it continued.

The post was met with immediate outrage on social media with customers slamming the chain, which has shops in Sydney and Melbourne, as racist.

White people can’t help themselves. They just have to bully minorities at every opportunity.

Imagine being a colorful Australian gentleman and seeing this “blackface” commercial on your Facebook wall.

How would you feel, knowing that even white ice cream sellers are unable to suppress their genetic desire to mock your ancestors’ oppression?

Could you ever trust White people again? Could you ever look another White person in the eye and claim, with absolute conviction, that he has no intention of doing a Crusade on your future children?

Of course not.

Fortunately, socially-conscious Australians have criticized N2 Extreme Gelato online for their skin-hatred, giving us hope that Australia is not a lost cause:

Heroic acts of bravery still exist in the modern world.

Due to the public outcry, the chain’s social media manager got what she deserved:

N2 Extreme Gelato told Daily Mail Australia the female social media manager was relieved of their duties and would be reassigned and possibly suspended.

‘It was quite unfortunate, we give them quite a wide berth but obviously what was said was inexcusable,’ it said.

‘It was meant to be tongue-in-cheek and wasn’t intended to come off that way but definitely got it all wrong.

‘She’s pretty shaken up over it.’

There is a lesson to this story, White people. Racial humor isn’t funny. It isn’t clever. It doesn’t make you look “anti-establishment” just because the entire global establishment is against it.

People of color have feelings too, and using racial humor for self-gain hurts those feelings in a way that you’ll never understand.