Neo-Nazi Government of Pakistan Attacks India for Bringing Diversity to Kashmir

Pakistani President Arif Alvi is complaining to India and to the rest of the world of “forced demographic change” in Kashmir.

This is obviously pure neo-Nazism.

The only people on earth who are allowed to complain about forced demographic change are the Jews, and that’s because of what they went through during the Holocaust of the six million.

The Pakistanis are in full-on outrage mode.

Kashmir has been a majority Moslem since at least the colonial era, and Hindus have been trying to colonize it with their own people since at least the partitioning.

It’s also on the Chinese border, making it a great place for WWIII to kick off.

India scrapped Article 370, which made Kashmir an autonomous state in August of 2019, but the blowback is only now being felt in full, two years later.

The masses of Indians are of course very happy about the ethnic replacement of the natives of the area.

Basically, Western media seems to largely skip stories that relate to agendas of ethnic replacement. More or less, any such story, including in Kashmir, is going to have parallels with our current situation in the West, where we are being ethnically replaced by whoever.

In actual fact, this entire “ethnic replacement” concept is at the root of most international conflict.

World War II was started because the Polish were ethnically cleansing a German town that had found itself on the wrong side of the post-WWI borders.

It looks like the West is trying to stew up a powder keg on the China border by giving instructions to the Indian government.

I’m on Team Pakistan, because their Prime Minister, Imran Khan, is alpha, and plus I just really hate Indians.

India is 100% Team ZOG. The US government and CIA fund terrorists to attack every government in the world – but never India!

Khan is clearly directly descended from Daniel Dravot, and isn’t going to play this Jew mindgame.