Neo-Nazi Fed Fatbody Matt Heimbach Returns, Calls for Mass Assassinations

The faggy fat slob and neo-Nazi feminist FBI asset Matt Heimbach is back – with a vengeance.

In an interview he gave this week, the bulbous wretch who looks like a gigantic, hairy zit ready to pop, said he was reforming his weird neo-Nazi cult group, the Traditionalist Worker Party, and called for the assassination of rich people.

I hate to say it yet again (actually I don’t): I predicted this.

It was painfully obvious that while the Jews are promoting all of this black race activism, they would need to create a boogieman in order to justify it. I said during the initial George Floyd riots that the feds were going to roll these neo-Nazis back out.

Heimbach in the video above is just outright saying “you should go start killing people.” This is the same thing that Atomwaffen does. What they are trying to do is agitate beaten-down and socially ostracized young white men to commit mass shootings or whatever, which they will then blame on all white people.

It’s obvious that only a fed would go out and say “go kill people.” (He even suggested assassinating the president.) Basically, everyone in the right wing knows that only a fed would say this – but that is part of the deal. They don’t care if you know this lispy fatboy is a fed. In fact, they like that you know that, as it just creates more confusion. They will of course send out anon fedbots to say he is not a fed, and try to confuse morons.

I have a 100% track record of identifying feds. I identified Heimbach and his crew, the Oath Keepers, Christopher Cantwell, the Proud Boys (post-Gavin) and However, people complain about it and attack me for pointing it out. Not only fedbots have attacked me – I think there are real people who just don’t understand how deeply involved the FBI is with the right-wing, to the point where even when it is proved conclusively that someone is a fed, people won’t believe it. We saw this recently with Cassandra Fairbanks promoting the fed Proud Boys leader.

This is why the FBI gets involved with the right-wing:

  • To disrupt any attempt to organize (weird and psychotic behavior, attacking people doing anything good, promoting ideology)
  • To make it disgusting so that normal people don’t want to be involved (fat slobs in costumes)
  • To promote violent acts in order to justify a crackdown on the entire right-wing

Inexplicably, in the interview above, Heimbach also said people should assassinate “capitalists” that “cause global warming,” and falsely claimed that cities are being flooded because the ice caps are melting.

This apparently stems from the fact that Heimbach in 2020 apologized for being a neo-Nazi and said he loves all races and is an Antifa communist now. This is all unintelligible – and it is meant to be.

This is a Weird Story

Heimbach has a long history of engaging in bizarre actions. He started out as a normalish fatbody right-winger in college, forming a white student union – something that was reasonable enough. He then became a costumed neo-Nazi freak, marching around in the street and shouting between his heavy schedule of smashing carbs.

He wasn’t even a normal costumed neo-Nazi, however. I have always been against costumed neo-Nazism on principle. Frankly, I don’t think it is a real thing, in the sense of being an organic movement. The groups always seem to be started by feds, and just recruit sad fat people who are losing at life. But Heimbach did the weirdest and most disgusting version yet. He said that Hitlerian “National Socialism” was somehow similar to modern Bernie Sanders socialism, and went around with signs saying he wanted socialism.

He also promoted various Islamic groups and third world liberation ideology. It was frankly just confusing. The only way to grasp it is as someone trying to put together a collection of severe anti-social concepts designed to alienate as many people as possible.

As you can see in the above video, Heimbach is pure soy and talks like a complete fag. However, the type of soy that is attracted to socialism usually is not attracted to neo-Nazism, and the kind of trailer people who are attracted to neo-Nazism are not attracted to socialism (or third world revolution and Islamic crap).

People who are attracted to socialism are feminine – usually they are women, but increasingly we are seeing faggotized men promoting it. Studies have been done showing that people who believe in wealth redistribution have low testosterone. This is logical given that testosterone drives men to compete, and makes men want to have a sense of honor and take care of themselves. Conversely, people who are attracted to white racialism are generally masculine. We’ve been through the statistics on female support for immigration six million times.

You can see this on full display with the coronavirus hoax – it was all women and feminine men who promoted all of this masking and shutting down. Coronavirus hoaxery has basically turned into full-on communism. Masculine men value independence and freedom and do not want the government making their decisions for them.

Moreover: socialists believe in global warming because they trust authority and do not value facts.

Heimbach also promoted Russian Orthodox Christianity, which just adds more weirdness.

The whole thing is designed for two purposes:

  • Be as repulsive as possible to all normal people
  • Draw in extreme anti-social personalities, who can then be stitched up in some kind of fed terror hoax

The SPLC is saying that Heimbach is a powerful hate leader, but it actually seems like he is doing the Antifa version of himself with these calls for terrorism. But what is even the difference? He’s promoting the same thing, whether it is neo-Nazi or Antifa. When you get into this ideology stuff, it always just ends up with a weird, disgusting mess.

The one thing I do have to give credit to Heimbach for is having sex with his mother-in-law and then beating his father-in-law and wife. He was the leader of the trailer park neo-Nazi compound, and therefore it was his right to smash every last slam pig in the compound.

That really happened, by the way. The father-in-law was also his best friend and the co-leader of his neo-Nazi trailer group.

When the FBI sends their shills, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing faggy speech. They’re bringing fatness. They’re incestuous.

Heimbach was promoted alongside the also fat and gay freak Richard Spencer – by the media. Looking back, it was the media who decided the leaders of the Alt-Right.

Spencer is also now doing some kind of faggy leftist Antifa thing. He’s promoting the coronavirus hoax and communism, he’s just talking a lot of weird nonsense. He’s also saying he’s forming a satanic new religion.

All this shit is so, so weird.

All I ever wanted to do was promote traditional Americana, to bring back normal families. But my internet movement got flooded with these bizarre freaks sent in by the FBI.

It’s been four years since Charlottesville, and the government needs some kind of narrative. This idea that the 1/6 protest was “an insurrection” is very difficult to keep pushing unless they get some kind of other action going.

Obviously, you and I can tell the difference between neo-Nazis and MAGA, but leftists really can’t. For example: studies of leftist beliefs have found that most of them believe that Donald Trump was part of a secret Nazi conspiracy. The media has already solidified the idea that all conservatives are “white supremacists.” So if they send out Heimbach and Atomwaffen to start doing terrorism, they will easily be able to smear all white people.

Honestly, they don’t even have to start doing terrorism. If they just get these people in front of a camera marching around and saying they want to do terrorism, it is enough to justify a further clampdown.

All of these freaks from the Alt-Right are waiting in the wings. Cantwell is in prison, but they might just go ahead and let him out so he can do his bit. Richard Spencer is the ultimate attention whore, and will just rush to get in front of any microphone and say whatever weird shit gets him attention.

You also have still out there, and they have formed some kind of neo-Nazi group that is also promoting communism, feminism and the coronavirus hoax. It’s called “The National Justice Party” – watch out for that, there is a 100% chance the media is going to roll it out over the course of the next year. That group is also made up of most of Heimbach’s old people, and they still promote each other. The guy whose wife Heimbach had sex with is literally involved in this group. The entire wignat movement has the same fed handlers moving in and out of it, and they will always circle the wagons around each other.

You simply cannot trust fat people. They are faggy and goonish by nature. Their fat cells produce estrogen, which causes them to be faggoty cowards who shiver in their boots when the feds show up and start making threats.

I’ve watched these people being groomed since Charlottesville for another round of this disgusting, weird spectacle.

You saw this with the Proud Boys – after Gavin McInnes stepped down and the FBI informant Enrique Tarrio took over the organization, they started doing all of these street battles with Antifa. That was a grooming process, leading up to the events of 1/6. Tarrio still hasn’t been charged, and apparently MAGA people are okay with the fact that he’s an FBI informant, so he’s probably going to keep going out there.

You are going to have a situation where normal white people who refuse the vaxx are getting rounded up and put in camps, but these neo-Nazis will be marching through the streets, while the government keeps saying they are the greatest threat. It was recently revealed that the FBI decided to let Atomwaffen start recruiting again.

If any of you people still believe that all of these people are not feds, then honestly, you’re going to get what you deserve. I don’t care anymore. Almost all of the groups I said were feds have been confirmed as being feds. I will go so far as to say that anyone telling you to “organize in the real world” is a fed, or being unwittingly used by feds.

There is no “organize in the real world” along these political lines. All that happens is that you get totally infiltrated by feds. There is no possible way to avoid this. What’s more, the battle is already over, and we lost.

Just stay the heck away from all these people. If your goal is to completely destroy your life, you’d be better off doing fentanyl – it’s less embarrassing.

The real plan to organize in the real world is to move out of the city to a small town and get involved in the community. Get involved in a church, the school board, the sheriff and all of the normal stuff with the normal people. Build a real world community. All of these white nationalist groups are cults. There is no possible way to make any of that work. But if you get involved with real people in a normal community, it is already de facto “white nationalism.” Nearly everyone in rural, small town America is white.

People need to get out of the city and prepare for the worst, because this is all going to get very bad, very quick.

Another important aspect to understand is this: when the feds allow these neo-Nazi groups to march through the street and do not arrest them or even molest them, it gives the fake impression that there is some kind of freedom. That is a big part of the purpose of it. If you see these bizarro fatbodies out there stomping around in costumes, you think “well, there must be freedom in America or else these people wouldn’t be allowed to do that.”

That is the illusion. The Democrat regime will walk past a neo-Nazi costumed mob and arrest a granny who refused the vaxx.

At this point, you are basically living inside of a gigantic Skinner Box, where everything in society is an input stimuli designed to modify your behavior. Nothing is what it appears to be. If there were something that was what it appeared to be, the media would just refuse to report on it – and with the government now actively engaged in censorship, they can bury any information they want.

It’s like I say every single day: none of this matters anymore. The only thing you can do is flee the city, and prepare for the worst. This system will eventually collapse in on itself – in our lifetimes. Probably, it won’t even take a decade and it definitely won’t take two decades. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, which is already coming into view. You just need to hold on tight until the ride ends.

This is the kind of spot you want. Just chill. Have babies. Have fun. Stay hetero, stay white, praise Jesus.