Neo-Nazi Faces 50 Years for Domestic Violence Hoax, Because Believe Women

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 5, 2020

Now that’s what I call edgy.

After the Harvey Weinstein sentencing, neo-Nazis came out strong in support of the theory that all women must be believed regardless of what they’re saying.

I wrote about the Weinstein sentencing extensively, and rebutted in full the neo-Nazi feminist claims about the case.

In these writings, I mentioned several times that neo-Nazi support for believe all women was particularly insane given that this sort of case is likely to be brought against neo-Nazis.

In fact, this is already happening. A “believe all women” domestic violence hoax is being foisted against a particularly weird neo-Nazi.

I didn’t know about this. It’s been going on for a while, but I only heard about it when the story came up in relation to the neo-Nazi in question being released from jail while awaiting trial because of Coronavirus.

This case is very different from the Weinstein case, but it is based on feminism and believe all women, and speaks to just how insane it is that neo-Nazis celebrated giving the state a vastly extended ability to throw people in prison for feminist hoaxes.

Daily Mail:

A South Carolina judge has released a known white nationalist, Augustus Invictus, on $10,000 after he claimed to have concerns over catching coronavirus while in custody.

Invictus, 36, from Florida, was being held on charges of kidnapping and aggravated domestic violence.

Judge Daniel Hall instructed him to stay away from his wife, whom he is accused of choking and kidnapping at gunpoint last year. The charges could see him jailed for more than 50 years.

Having been released, he is allowed to leave the state but not to enter certain counties.

Invictus spoke at the 2017 Unite the Right rally. Prosecutors say he was still managing to publish information online from jail and was updating his ‘alt-right news site’ from jail, leaving his wife living in fear, according to the Daily Beast.

The Orlando-area attorney has called for violent uprisings on his site.

Last month, the same judge denied Invictus bail after his wife claimed she was afraid he might come and kill her if he was released. 

His estranged wife claimed he forced her and their children to go to Florida before they escaped.

When he was arraigned in January, Detective Matthew Beech read from Invictus’ online writings to show his mindset.

‘The destruction I incite is not terrorism. The only aim is the destruction of buildings or person plaguing the Earth.

‘The long-term aim is the overthrow of this civilization. It has absolutely nothing to do with causing fear.

‘This is terrorism the same way removing a tumor is terrorism. Although you are the cancer, and I am the Earth’s physician,’ he wrote.

Invictus rose to prominence during his 2016 bid to unseat US Senator Marco Rubio.

He got widespread attention for claiming he killed a goat and drank its blood as part of a pagan ritual.

But he failed to win the nomination from Florida’s Libertarian Party to challenge Rubio.

To give a little bit of context: this guy is a total kook and a complete piece of shit. I don’t follow him, but I know he’s a satanist and I know he doxed people who volunteered to work for him for free because they made fun of his millions of nigger children.

Bro, if you’re a neo-Nazi leader and you have – *counts* – six black children, people are going to make fun of you. Even people who volunteer to work for you are going to laugh at that.

He was also accused of embezzlement, though I cannot speak to that. What I can speak to is the fact that he literally did a video giving out the real names of people who volunteered to work for him because they made fun of his brood of niglets. He said they were traitors who committed treason against him.

The video is 40 minutes of absolutely incomprehensible babbling, which I guess you can skim through if you’re interested in seeing just how bizarre this individual is. And then you can just note that this is a very standard neo-Nazi.

There is absolutely no more extreme piece of shit behavior than this. In fact, it is on par with making that movie “Good Will Hunting” in terms of absolute piece of shit behavior.

All that having been said: of course these charges are a hoax. The fact that he’s a shitbag doesn’t make him any more guilty than the fact that Weinstein was a shitbag made him guilty.

This man is facing 50 years in prison based on no-evidence claims filed by a bitter ex-girlfriend who the media dug up.

And before someone says “he seems like a freak, I’ll bet he did it” – firstly, I don’t think he did do it. Secondly, it doesn’t matter if he did it because there is no evidence and if a guilty man can be charged and convicted without evidence, so can an innocent man. “Believe all women” is an attack on the foundations of our legal system. Thirdly, the charges themselves are stupid and fake, and appear to just be describing a heated argument. Fourthly, as you will see later, this woman basically accused him of doing the entire Holocaust against her. Fifthly, “domestic violence” as a concept is a hoax, and should at the very least be treated the same as any other form of assault.

Invictus won’t be sentenced to 50 years. But he will likely be sentenced to some insane number of years, based not primarily on the actual charges, but based on the fact that he ostensibly supports white people.

I want you to understand this: those very same neo-Nazis who I criticized for supporting the Weinstein conviction are friends with this guy. So they knew this was going on while they were defending Gloria Allred and saying all women must be believed. They were inexplicably saying that “believe all women” laws would only be used against Jews, as they were being used against their friend.

These new feminist powers that the state is in the process of securing are likely to become the primary weapon for imprisoning political dissidents. Framing someone for a crime is a lot of work, and it can easily fall apart in court. But when the law is literally “believe all women” – which is the absolute and final takeaway of the Weinstein verdict – then you can throw whoever you want in prison. The media can dig up anyone’s ex-girlfriend and say “do you want to get back at this guy? Just say he raped you or choked you and held a gun to your head or whatever.”

And if the woman says that, you have to go to prison.

As we also saw with the Weinstein conviction, there is no time limit on this stuff, so they can go to any ex-girlfriend and get her to say this stuff.

In fact, that is exactly what happened here. These charges he is facing are related to things that allegedly happened in-between the fall of 2015 and March of 2017 – between 3 and 5 years before Invictus was arrested! And the reason he was arrested? Lobbying by the Huffington Post!

Jessica Schulberg wrote in the Huffington Post on December 26, 2017:

In the fall of 2015, Invictus met a high-school senior at a rotary event and encouraged her to join the Boone High School debate team, where he told her he was the coach. At the time, Invictus was running as a Libertarian to replace Sen. Marco Rubio (R). Weeks later, the teenage girl began an “intimate relationship” with Invictus and his then-girlfriend, she told a law enforcement official in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Over time, Invictus became abusive, according to a police report documenting the victim’s allegations. (HuffPost doesn’t name victims or alleged victims of sexual assault without their consent. The young woman declined to comment, citing fear of retribution from Invictus and his supporters.) The woman described one incident to the police in which he allegedly slapped her in the face, climbed on top of her, covered her mouth and nose until she couldn’t breathe, and punched her in the side of the head.

Another time, he punched her in the stomach, grabbed her hair, dragged her into a closet and choked her until she passed out, she told the police. When she woke up, he was holding what she felt was a gun to her head, but she was too scared to open her eyes and look. “Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you right now,” he said, according to the account she gave the police. After he calmed down, he tossed a knife at her and said, “Just go get in the bathtub and slit your wrist,” she recalled.

In January 2017, Invictus punched her in the spine, got on top of her and had sex with her “while she just laid there,” she told the police.

The abuse went on, unreported, for months. In March, the young woman opened her laptop and saw a Google Calendar notification shared from Invictus’ email address, according to the police report. On March 17, there was a reminder to “Annihilate [her first name].” That’s when she decided to go to the police.

The article goes on to explain that police tried to press charges in 2017, but couldn’t because there was no evidence.

So why were they able to arrest him in January of 2020?

Well, because the rules have changed, and “believe all women” is now a core tenet of our legal system. Because of the Weinstein case. The charges against Weinstein, which were based entirely on the eyewitness accounts of women, were filed in 2018, and simply the filing changed the rules. When Invictus was charged and arrested in January, Weinstein was getting ready to go to trial.

This Augustus Invictus domestic violence hoax is literally exactly what I said was going to happen with this takeover of the judiciary by the feminist movement.

I wish I would have known about this when I was responding to those neo-Nazis supporting Gloria Allred. Because the degree to which this is exactly what I said is staggering even to me.

Neo-Nazis are absolute scum running a twisted swindle on gullible idiots. They are anti-social freaks who latch on to feminism in the same way neckbeard leftists latch on to feminism: they are weak men who prefer to be controlled by women.

What has happened to Augustus Invictus is pretty much bound to happen to all of them. This was proof of concept. With Invictus facing charges, people like Jessica Schulberg of the Huffington Post are going to go through and dig up ex-girlfriends of all of the neo-Nazis and get them done up on rape, or kidnapping, or domestic violence, or whatever.

Of course, it’s not only the neo-Nazis that this is going to happen to, but all political dissidents.

With the “Weinstein Rule” of no evidence required beyond what the woman says, you are guilty until proven innocent. Prosecutors will read out whatever you’ve said about politics in court, and any jury will believe you are capable of any evil act. Then you will go to prison.