Negroid Rapes 13-Year-Old Girl He Groomed on Social Media

Daily Stormer
August 1, 2017

Charles Ebenezer Berry Jr.

Until we come to a time when we don’t have to worry about nonwhites luring our children for sex on social media, we should not allow our children social media – especially our daughters, who aren’t less likely to be targeted by nonwhite perverts, but are more likely to go along with it.

Frankly, even if we don’t have nonwhites, we shouldn’t give girls social media, as it just throws gasoline on the fire of their vapid narcissism.


A Germantown, Md. man has been charged with the rape of a 13-year-old girl who was reported missing by her family on the day the alleged rape took place.

Charles Ebenezer Berry Jr., 21, was arrested on Thursday and is being held without bond.

On June 23, the 13-year-old’s family reported her missing to police. On June 24, the victim contact her family and said she was at a hotel in Germantown. Police were contact and it was determined that the victim was at the hotel with Berry Jr., according to the hotel’s record.

When the victim was 12 years old, police say the victim and Berry Jr. began communicating on social media via Instagram and Snapchat. The victim told police that she had met Berry Jr. in person and he knew that she was 13 years old. Police also said the victim stated that on the evening of June 23, Berry Jr. picked her up from her home and drove her to the hotel where they engaged in sexual acts.