Negroid Mastermind Michelle Obama Attacks Jew Feminism – “Dat Shit Don’t Work”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 4, 2018

I have no clear image of how intelligent Michelle Obama is or how “on the pulse” she is when it comes to the Jewish narrative.

What I will say is that her attack on Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s Jewish “Lean In Method” of feminism is in-line with the current climate of feminism.

They put this obsessive-compulsive Jew out there to say “look, I can have kids and a male-sized career at the same time, everyone should be able to do this if they work hard enough.” I think probably the assumption was that women wouldn’t be able to do it, but that they would try to do it and then blame random men around them when they failed. But some women have recently just gotten angry that they’re expected to do all of these things at once, so the Jews have loosened up the cultural noose of feminism and said “oh yes, it is actually difficult to be both a woman and a man at the same time.”

Michelle Obama, appearing in Brooklyn, said of Sandberg’s method “that shit don’t work all the time.”

Sandberg’s book was released in 2013, and she’s herself admitted that it doesn’t appear to be working for people, lol.

Though the situation is kind of funny, this isn’t some redaction of the core of feminist ideology. It is something where they will say “too much feminism doesn’t work, so we need more feminism.” They will introduce new ways to remove responsibility from women, new ways to blame men for all of their failings. They’ll also say more free government daycare and so on. Whichever dumb bullshit.

What they will not do is address the reality that very, very few women show any kind of “passion” for the corporate world, and all women who do not have children end up regretting it. Most importantly, they will not ever back away from the claim that forcing women into the workplace is “empowering.”

And this is me white knighting for sluts in the workplace.

From the perspective of men, they are never going to address anything at all with relation to women at work. They are definitely not going to address the fact that virtually all men experience a work environment that includes women as a so-called “hostile work environment” where they are “targeted” based on their “gender identity.”