14-Year-Old Female Negro Arrested After White Man is Found Beaten to Death, Tied to Bed

Daily Stormer
November 13, 2019

There was definitely something weird and perverted going on here.


Philadelphia police arrested a 14-year-old girl in connection with what they called an extremely troubling murder.

Home security video showed the 14-year-old girl rummaging around the home of Al Chernoff, 59. She was the last person seen in the home in Fox Chase, Pennsylvania.

The “girl” (apparently).

Neighbors asked for a wellness check on Chernoff after noticing some unusual activity.

Investigators discovered him dead — tied to his bed early Tuesday morning, Nov. 5.

Police said Chernoff suffered a massive head wound, slashes to his chest, and he appeared to have been beaten to death with a two-by-four.

The girl’s family saw the home security video and turned her in to police for questioning — working through their attorney.

“It’s an unfortunate situation,” said Howard Taylor, defense attorney. “We are going to pretty much let the, the uh, facts come out through the investigation,” said Howard Taylor, defense attorney.

Very sad.

Hope there’s someone to take care of his cat.

Al Chernoff.