Negro Wrestler Forced to Cut Dreadlocks – Twitter Blacks are Not Having It

Gottfried Sturmherr
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2018

African Americans and People of Color are the most precious and valuable of the living beings. Highly educated professors and generally smart people keep telling us so. Reminding us evil white folk that we should make amends for several hundreds of thousands of years of slavery and cruelty committed by cave beasts against those inventors of civilization.


A New Jersey referee is facing fierce backlash for forcing a black high school wrestler to cut his dreadlocks off on the court sideline in order to compete.

Andrew Johnson had his hair brutally chopped off on the sidelines of his match for Buena Regional High School in New Jersey on Thursday after the referee, identified as Alan Maloney, gave him an ultimatum of cutting his locks or forfeiting the game.

High school wrestling is apparently big news these days. At least when a controversial decision of a referee about a protected minority is involved. This wouldn’t even make a story at the local news station if it was a white person who’d had to cut their hair.

So he won. What’s the big deal? I guess we have to ask some black folk, because we can’t possibly know due to inherent white supremacy.

Almost forgot about that.

I’m sorry.

Das rite. This can not be allowed to be molded into anything other than a discussion about racism and black identity. Hair is one of the most integral parts of black identity. Look at these Nubian princesses expressing their most inner self.

It’s almost 2019 for heaven’s sake! We can not allow this vile hatred and bigotry to continue on!

Taylor Rooks herself is representing her superior African genes and identity as an independent, strong black woman!

The ACLU has words for yall nazi bitches.

These bans man, they are literally like slavery. Did you know, that dreadlocks were banned on the plantation as well? Have you ever seen any pictures of black folk working picking cotton, to single handedly build America, having dreads? Now you know why.

The high schooler reluctantly chose to cut his hair and went on to win the match, but still appeared visibly upset following his win.

He was mad alright. Thankfully black people are generally calm and reasonable. It’s only white folks that go on large scale revenge killings out of hate for the color of other people’s skins.

The footage has sparked an angry backlash on Twitter. Some of it directed towards SNJ Today sports journalist Mike Frankel who posted the footage with a caption praising Johnson as the “epitome of a team player.”

If nobody is getting sued and fired over this high schooler having to cut his hair – which will never grow back, mind you – then this will prove that white supremacy is alive and well in America in almost 2019.

You can also see the blonde chick taking a sadistic pleasure in painfully cutting this poor youth’s hair. This makes me sad and mad at the same time. I don’t understand how this can still happen in America today?

This is not the America I grew up in. Where are the white people denouncing this?

Oh, here they are:

I get the data, sister.

Adding another layer to the already disturbing footage, is Maloney’s [the referee] alleged history of racism. In March 2016, he reportedly called a black coach the n-word. Maloney apologized for the incident and voluntarily attended sensitivity training.

There you have it. Systemic racism has been proven.

The only way to fix this is to finally allow a black man to become President of America.