Negro Professor Claims We Must Face Our Anti-Blackness

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
December 1, 2014

Michael Jeffries – the brilliant negro who says we must face our anti-Blackness.

A Negro professor named Michael Jeffries, who undoubtedly got his teaching job because of affirmative action policies, has penned a rambling opinion editorial claiming that America needs to face our anti-Blackness because of Ferguson.

I tried reading through the editorial written by this confused Negro, and not surprisingly there isn’t anything he wrote which makes any sort of logical sense.  It might make sense to an angry Negro who hates Whitey, but to everyone else the article is complete gibberish.

He tries to make his point by claiming that “racism” and White supremacy is institutionalized in America.  It is funny how he makes this claim while we have a Negro President, a Negro Attorney General and a Negro Homeland Security Secretary.  Even Jeffries in “racist” America was able to get a high paying teaching job at a university.  Where is this “racism” that he speaks of?  Apparently he thinks that a White police officer defending himself from a violent Negro criminal is proof of said “racism.”

He goes on to cry about how Blacks are disenfranchised, claiming that the system is unfair.  He ignores the obvious fact that Blacks are simply not as intelligent or creative as other races of people, instead blaming the problems in Black communities on some bizarre conspiracy surrounding our alleged anti-Blackness.

This pseudo-intellectual hack has no business being a college professor.  The article he wrote reads like a masterful attempt at satire, rather than a real attempt at making an intellectual argument.  Most of the people commenting on it seem to feel the same way.  If Jeffries feels Blacks are the victims of a “racist” conspiracy, he and his fellow Negro folk are welcome to move back to Africa anytime they wish.

The door’s open, Mr. Jeffries.  No one is begging you to stay here.

Here is Michael Jeffries contact information if you’d like to personally send him your thoughts.  I’m sure he can’t wait to read your constructive criticism.
1-(781) 283-2943

You may also wish to comment on the above linked article, just to let the public know how you feel on these important issues.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.