Negro “Leaders” Demand White Hand-Outs After Black Pack Attacks on Whites

Modern Heretic
March 25, 2014

The Louisville Waterfront is currently hosting open race war against Whites, featuring the usual mobs of violent and moronic “babies” attacking unarmed Whites. We got another good look at the content of their character: dark monsters jumping on “whips,” assaulting oblivious Whites and the usual “robbery gone wrong” pathology. As per the recent pattern, the police state was forced to move in and try to restore some degree of order after this massive outburst of savagery from a failed race. With summer approaching it’s only going to get worse. No one seems to have any answers.

Don’t worry though, negro “leaders” are on the case. Their solution? The usual “more needs to be done” topped off some truly incredible and delusional beliefs about their fellow “African Americans.”

For suburban families, downtown’s Waterfront Park is but one gathering place. But for some west Louisville teenagers, it may be the only place.

We get the usual deceptive language right away. “Teens” are, of course, negroes, while “suburban families” must be normal White America. Does this pathetic deceit fool anyone?

“They shut down the movies,” a party organizer who bills himself Young Commercial.

“Dey ain’t gots no dan-zal wah-shin-ting falms up in hee-ah so we done hit duh Wite Debil.” This negro is a commercial all right, a commercial for segregation and deportation.

“You can’t go after 6 without a parent. But you go to Waterfront. Basically they go down there to have a good time.”

“Good time” is apparently negro-speak for undeclared, one-sided race war targeting Whites and Africa-style all against all.

 Brown aliens loose in a dead nation.
Brown aliens loose in a dead nation.

“To the young kids; y’all know what you did was wrong,” Metro Mayor Greg Fischer said Monday.

Hey great, a corrupt negro mayor is here to paper over the genetically-based failure of his fellow simians. “Y’all be doin’ wrong and sheet. I be dah H.N.I.C. of a may-jer met-ro-polly-tan air-yah.”

“You weren’t raised this way; it is not the way we roll in the city.”

A barely literate animal who talks in (c)rap lyrics runs the city. R.I.P. U.S.S.A.

“The answer to the wilding is not a beefed-up police force,” said the Rev. Dr. Kevin Cosby, pastor of St. Stephen Baptist Church, “but beefed up investment in West Louisville.”

Keep on paying, White sucker. Sixty years of money, preferences and spilled blood. No discernible improvement in their behavior. If anything it’s worse than ever. Write that check. This will be the time it finally works, we promise.

“We believe they (teenagers involved in violence) come from good families but made bad choices, said the Rev. Vincent James, pastor of Elim Baptist Church.

72% of negro children are born out of wedlock. A similar percentage grow up without a father. These are the “good families.” These numbers are probably low. As far as bad choices, that’s certainly accurate, as even the most cursory reading of crime statistics will quickly confirm.

Downtown promoters maintain that Saturday’s troubles are merely a stumble.

Go back to sleep Whitey. Ignore you lying eyes. Just a stumble. The negro is definitely compatible with Western Civilization, no doubt about it.

Louisville Downtown Partnership’s interim director, Rebecca Matheny, praised the promise of more police patrols, whether via horseback, bicycle or on foot.

A massive police state to contain the rot. The loss of our rights.

 Negro monsters from "good families" make some "bad choices."
Negro monsters from “good families” make some “bad choices.”

“That’s why I was stressing the parents,” a party organizer identified as DJ Fatman. “It comes back to knowing where your kids are, at all times.”

DJ Fatman, the voice of reason for the genetic alien. Try to monitor your R-strategy brood, negro.

“If you stop ‘em from the waterfront, they go somewhere else,” said Young Commercial.

Hopefully that “somewhere else” will be back to Africa when a White nation is restored.

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There’s one other thing from this story that deserves to be mentioned. A little disclaimer from the always sincere dinosaur media:

Editor’s Note: It is the policy of WAVE 3 News not to include physical descriptions of the subjects of stories unless that information is complete enough for viewers to identify an individual with some degree of certainty.

Yes, still withholding racial reality by formal editorial policy. You don’t need to know it. Go back to your sports and porn.

Race, age and gender alone do not meet that standard.

This isn’t negligence, it’s malevolence.

However, if the description also includes specific distinguishing characteristics such as clothing, a distinctive tattoo, a specific vehicle, etc., we may include it in our reporting.

This is what we’re up against. Lies. Lies that will result in more White victims. Here you get the truth. Negro packs are attacking Whites, motivated by jealousy-fueled hatred that’s encouraged by the kosher system. Avoid the negro areas. Be armed. We must survive the coming collapse.