Negro Hits White Girl with a Baseball Bat in Wal-Mart for No Reason

Daily Stormer
June 24, 2014

It’s typical…

In the above gif, you have a black hitting a White girl with a baseball bat in Wal-Mart for no reason.

Oh, but is there a reason?  It seems that black people have a deep-rooted and biologically-driven hatred for Whites, and that this pops up almost at random.

This black saw the bat, then saw the pretty White girl, and something clicked, so he hit her with the bat.

This type of incident is happening more and more, as tensions continue to mount and the multicultural experiment collapses.

Soon, our girls will be safe nowhere.


A River Valley man is behind bars after police said he attacked a woman with a baseball bat at Walmart on Sunday night (June 15).

Fort Smith police said the incident happened at the Walmart on Rogers Avenue.

Police said a man identified as Corey Mosley got a running start and struck a woman identified as Ashlyne Rogers in the head with a bat inside the store.

“I couldn’t be happier based on the situation of how she’s doing and holding up,” said the victim’s father Dustin Rogers. “Fort Smith police is currently investigating the incident.”

Police said they arrested Mosley at his Fort Smith home.

“I don’t feel that he’s solely responsible for it because he’s off of his medication,” said Mosley’s brother Marcus Mosley.

A Fort Smith police report stated Mosley said it was gang related and she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“If my brother was here right now I would ask him why did you do that? I`m sure his answer wouldn`t be like mine and yours. He`s not all the way there,” said Marcus Mosley.