Negro Felon League’s Opening Regular Season Game Receives Horrible Ratings

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2018

Low ratings for the opening regular season game prove that people are increasingly less enthusiastic about watching low IQ monkeys chase after a brown egg shaped pig bladder.

The football league of Negro felons held their opening regular season game this past Thursday evening. The game received extremely poor ratings.

New York Post:

Ratings for the NFL’s season opener on Thursday night fell 8 percent from last year’s opener — to their lowest level in a decade.

The decline came even after the TV audience for last year’s opener declined 19 percent from 2016’s opener, statistics out Friday revealed.

The “Thursday Night Football” telecast on NBC, delayed 45 minutes due to severe weather in the Philadelphia area, averaged a 13.4 overnight rating.

That made it the lowest season opener in 10 years, according to Sports Media Watch — and breathed new life into fears about the NFL being unable to extricate itself from a structural decline.

This shows that we are winning the culture war against this horrible sports league. This is a league that primarily features low IQ baboons, many of who have chosen not to stand for America’s national anthem. Worse yet is the fact that this league is run by an overpaid loser named Roger Goodell, who refuses to punish the players who disrespected America.

Roger Goodell is literally the most overpaid man in America. Who else gets paid a $200 million contract to screw things up as badly as he has?

The league was initially going to require players on the field to stand during the playing of the national anthem. This was with the caveat that players could opt to stay in the locker room if they did not want to stand. The compromise was not good enough for the players’ union. So as of right now, there is still no rule requiring players to stand for the national anthem.

Even though this might be just one game, the poor ratings further illustrate the public relations debacle the league has on their hands. They’ve alienated their core fan base by not cracking down on these national anthem protests.

And on top of this, you have this ridiculous Nike advertising campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick. He caused all of this nonsense when he started kneeling during the national anthem to protest blacks getting killed by Neo-Nazi police officers. It features a bunch of Negroes, independent womyns and cripples as figures that we are supposed to be inspired by. Quite frankly, the only thing it inspired me to do was vomit inside my own mouth. The fact that this garbage was released in conjunction with the beginning of the football season is yet another reason to boycott the NFL.

Last year, regular season games had huge numbers of empty seats and very poor ratings. It looks as if that trend is going to continue. And why would it not? This is a league whose players and management hate America and everything that it stands for. Since they are obviously trying to market their product to the Negroid race, they might as well just relocate the league to Africa.