Negro Felon League Week 8: Most Texans Players Kneel During Anthem, More Empty Seats

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2017

The madness that is the Negro Felon League keeps getting crazier with each passing week. The big story for week 8 involved the Houston Texans. The team’s owner Bob McNair used the term “inmates” in what was perceived to be a racist description of the players.

He apologized to his team’s players, but apologies for perceived acts of racism are never enough. Nearly the entire Texans team took a knee during the national anthem to express their outrage.

KC Star:

There was a big protest during the playing of the national anthem in Seattle on Sunday, but it had nothing to do with social justice issues.

Instead, many of the Houston Texans players took a knee before their game against the Seahawks because of a comment made by the team owner, Bob McNair.

On Friday, an ESPN story on NFL owner meetings about the protests during the anthem quoted McNair as saying, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.” Many Houston players reportedly considered a protest after hearing what McNair had said.

McNair apologized on Friday, and Pro Football Talk reported that he met with the team on Saturday, but players were not satisfied.

This situation has once again brought the issue of these national anthem protests into the spotlight. We now have a new precedent where the players are willing to kneel during the anthem if they don’t like what their owner says or does. This could eventually extend to issues players have with the coaching staff or the team’s management. If they get pissed off, they’ll just take a knee during the anthem out of spite.

No matter what the underlying situation is, the average fan views these incidents as a bunch of overpaid monkeys disrespecting the country and the flag. This is only contributing to the continued ruination of the NFL’s brand.

The Texans weren’t the only players who took a knee during the anthem. Many other players throughout the league staged some type of protest as the anthem was played.

There were also more half empty stadiums for the games.

Things are getting so bad that even ESPN is thinking about dropping the NFL from their lineup!

We are witnessing the NFL involved in a slow motion train wreck and it is obvious that the league has no serious plan to fix what went wrong. Let’s hope these retarded nigger ball spectacles quickly fade into cultural irrelevance.