Negro Felon League Week 17: Frigid Weather Exacerbates Empty Seat Phenomenon

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2018

As the Daily Stormer reporter currently assigned to cover all things in the world of monkey ball, I give you my weekly report on the Negro Felon League!

The final week of the monkey ball season saw some of the worst attendance yet. The attendance has been bad throughout the year, but it looks like the frigid weather further exacerbated the empty seat phenomenon for yesterday’s games.

We have the tweets and photos to prove it!

For anybody who has followed the league throughout the years, this type of stadium attendance was unimaginable even just a few years ago. People used to brave all sorts of weather to watch these games. Take in point the 1967 Ice Bowl game. This shows once again that the people have stopped caring about these circuses.

On top of the empty seats, a small handful of Negro players continued their national anthem protests by sitting or kneeling as the anthem played before the game.

The Hill:

More than a dozen NFL players protested during or right after the national anthem on Sunday, the final weekend of the league’s regular season.

Nine Seattle Seahawks players sat or knelt during the anthem prior to the teams’ game, as they have throughout the season. Michael Bennett, Marcus Smith, Frank Clark, Dion Jordan and others were among those demonstrating, The Associated Press reported.

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews remained off the field during the national anthem before his team’s game, while his teammates, Brian Orakpo and Jurrell Casey, raised their fists once the anthem ended.

Kenny Stills of the Miami Dolphins also knelt prior to his team’s game while the anthem played.

San Francisco 49ers players Reuben Foster, Marquise Goodwin, Louis Murphy and Eric Reid all knelt during the anthem before their team’s game, according to The AP.

This is just a pile on of bad public relations for the league. What’s interesting is that the league itself doesn’t seem to care. They seem to be perfectly happy that a bunch of overgrown apes have ruined their brand by disrespecting the country.

Oh well, we aren’t complaining. The fewer White people who watch these monkey ball spectacles the better!

The playoff games are next week and if this week is any indication we will probably see poor attendance for those games as well. People are just not enthusiastic about seeing these games and even less inclined to do so in the cold weather.