Negro Felon League Week 13: Teams Failing to Put Asses in Seats!

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 4, 2017

In some ways it is unfortunate what has happened to the National Football League. Athletics can play an important role in a healthy society assuming that they are applied in a proper manner. Competition is a good thing as it encourages people to physically and mentally improve themselves.

The National Football League as it exists today is not a proper application of sport. The league is a circus filled with overgrown low IQ apes who have no respect for the country or the fans who have given them so much. Many of these football apes have also been prone to committing violent crimes which is why we now refer to it as the Negro Felon League.

Oh well, this is what you get when you flood a sports league with niggers and refuse to discipline them out of fear of being called a racist.

The league has even tried to bribe players with a $100 million donation to a variety of Negro oriented charities as part of an effort to stop them from kneeling during the national anthem. This bribe attempt has failed.

The fallout from these apes protesting the national anthem has continued into week 13. Ratings are down and teams are failing to put asses in seats. Some teams can’t even give away tickets to their games.

Once again, the pictures don’t lie. People are not going to these games. Empty seats could be seen all throughout the league.

That’s a great deal of lost revenue from concession and merchandise sales because of those empty seats. The league has totally screwed themselves by embracing the antics of their nigger players over the Whites who have historically supported the league with their money. The results speak for themselves.

Good riddance to the NFL. It will be fun to document its continued decline.