Negro Felon League Week 1: More National Anthem Protests and Empty Seats!

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2018

As you can see, not much has changed with the Negro Felon League from last season!

After a poorly rated Thursday night football game to open the 2018 season, the Negro Felon League has clearly gotten off to a rough start. The President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump described the situation in a tweet.

Things didn’t go much better for the league on Sunday. The league was marred once again by some Negroid players disrespecting the United States of America by kneeling during the national anthem.

There were also empty seats throughout the league. Attendance was especially bad for the game pitting the Kansas City Chiefs against the Los Angeles Chargers.

In the past, the opening week of NFL games would sell out stadiums across the country. If the league is having problems filling up stadiums on the first week of the season, that is not a good sign for them.

Even worse is the fact that it looks like they will not be imposing penalties on players who kneel during the national anthem this season.


The NFL is not expected to implement a new policy on the national anthem this season, league sources told ESPN, no matter how many meetings and conversations occur regarding the topic.

The new policy is going to be no policy — at least for this season, according to sources.

Too many people have stances too strong to figure out a compromise, but an NFL official insisted Sunday morning that there is continuing dialogue on the topic as the league looks for ways to address social justice issues.

Hilariously their focus is on finding ways to address social justice issues instead of making the people who watch their product happy. The main reason people are tuning away from the league is because of all the stupid nigger gibberish that it’s pushing. This should be obvious to anybody who has an IQ above 50.

But overall, the first week was not a good one for the NFL. Maybe things would improve if they de-niggerized the league and forced all players to stand for the national anthem. Of course, we already know that Roger Goodell and the league’s management is not going to do that. They seem to think that doubling down on nigger madness is the way to go. And that’s exactly why Whites are continuing to boycott this horrible monkey ball garbage.