Negro Felon League Wants Monkey Players to Stand for the National Anthem

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2017

Roger Goodell is getting paid over $30 million this year to run the Negro Felon League into the ground.

The Negro Felon League’s brand has been severely damaged over the past few weeks. The optics of Negro millionaires refusing to stand for the national anthem has pissed off large numbers of people. It has especially pissed off many in the White middle class who have historically made up the NFL’s target demographic.

It seems unlikely that the NFL brand will ever recover. The damage has already been done. Ratings for the recent Monday Night monkey ball game were in the toilet and the brand is more unpopular than ever.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell thinks he can mitigate the problem by asking these monkey players to stand for the national anthem.

NY Post:

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday said that “everyone” should stand for the national anthem, according to a leaked internal league memo that also called ongoing national anthem protests by players “divisive” and “a barrier to having honest conversations and making real progress on the underlying issues.”

The marching orders come a week after the commissioner met with the NFL Players Association, where Goodell claims the group decided the protests had to stop.

“Like many of our fans, we believe that everyone should stand for the National Anthem,” Goodell wrote, according to a copy of the letter posted to Facebook by ESPN insider Adam Schefter.

It looks as if Goodell is trying to strike a middle ground. He wants everyone to stand during the anthem but he’s so far been unwilling to make anyone face consequences if they don’t. Had Goodell suspended the first few players who took a knee, the NFL would not be in the situation that it is. It was his leadership failure that allowed this whole thing to spiral out of control.

This strategy by Goodell will ultimately fail. He’s pissed off both sides now. There’s going to be all sorts of pundits in the kike run media whining about how the NFL is against free speech over this memo he wrote. It is a hypocritical argument but one that they will surely make. You would never see these same people argue free speech if a White person got fired from their job for saying “nigger” or something. They will argue free speech when it involves their Negro pets though.

All Goodell had to do was suspend these niggers for a couple of games and these retarded protests would have stopped. Goodell was afraid of being called a racist so he cucked and didn’t do it! Bet he has second thoughts now!

But even if Goodell does start suspending players for not standing during the anthem, a large chunk of the league’s original fan base has already tuned out. It’s too little too late.

Goodell has no control over his football slave apes and it seems unlikely that he’ll get them back. The NFL’s waning cultural influence is a hugely important moment. Everything is changing and thanks to Goodell’s incompetence it is rapidly changing.