Negro Felon League: Poor Playoff Ratings Continue!

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2018

Perhaps ratings would improve if they turned the Minnesota Vikings mascot into a nigger.

The second week of the Negro Felon League playoffs have come and gone and ratings were once again down big league! In fact, there were 23 million less people watching the games as last year!

Outkick the Coverage:


Saints-Vikings 35.6 million viewers


Packers-Cowboys 48.5 million viewers


Jags-Steelers 31.4 million viewers


Steelers-Chiefs 37.1 million viewers


Titans-Patriots 26.7 million viewers


Texans-Patriots 29.8 million viewers


Falcons-Eagles 27.1 million viewers


Seahawks-Falcons 28.7 million viewers

Yep, every single game was down, no matter how good the games were. And, remember, three of these games were highly competitive in the divisional round this year. Whereas last year only two of the games were competitive. Hell, three of the four windows even feature one of the same teams from last year. And yes, I know, the Cowboys and the Packers played last year and those are the two biggest fan base draws in the NFL, but even if you pull that game out the numbers for the other three games also declined double digits. (The three other games were down 15.3%, 10.4% and 5.6%)

Adding all these numbers up 120.8 million viewers watched the NFL divisional round playoffs in 2018 vs. 144.1 million who watched in 2017, a decline of 23.3 million total viewers.

So they had very competitive games and the ratings were still down huge.

Not even a miracle finish to the Vikings-Saints game was able to help.

And speaking of that miracle finish, how did that stupid ape on the Saints defense not tackle the other nigger who caught the ball? All he had to do was wrap up the receiver with his arms.

Normally I wouldn’t comment on a football play, but this specific play shows the undisciplined nature of these monkeys. If the defender was a White man, the miracle play would have never happened. He would have used basic fundamentals and wrapped up the receiver.

Unfortunately, the NFL is racist and they do not hire White defensive backs any more. The last White defensive back I remember was Jason Sehorn and he’s almost 50 now or something.

But let’s get back to the poor ratings. What we saw this week does not bode well for the AFC and NFC Championship games coming up. It is safe to assume that the ratings will be down for these games also.

Oh well, that’s our weekly article on the insanity of the Negro Felon League. We’ll be back next week with another report dissecting the horrible ratings of the Championship games!