Negro Felon League Owner Bob McNair Apologizes After Calling Players “Inmates”

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 29, 2017

Houston Texans’ owner Bob McNair is a racist skin color hater.

The Negro Felon League really has a problem with skin hate among its owners. Houston Texans’ owner Bob McNair just referred to the Negro felons that play football in the Negro Felon League as “inmates.”

His offensive comments brought back the painful memories of slavery.


Houston Texans’ owner has apologised for describing NFL players as “inmates running the prison” in reference to protests against racial injustice.

The protests have spread throughout the league since Colin Kaepernick sat, before later opting to kneel instead, during the US national anthem in 2016.

Bob McNair made his comments during a league meeting held to discuss the issue in New York last week.

On Friday he said he “regretted” using the expression.

“I never meant to offend anyone and I was not referring to our players,” a statement added.

Does Mr. McNair actually think he can apologize and make this go away? If he believes that this will be forgotten with a simple apology, he is sorely mistaken. Apologizing will not make this okay. He has hurt many feelings and this by itself is unforgivable. There are many Negroes alive today who were forced to work as slaves in the 1800s. Reminding them that they are outdated pieces of farm machinery will undoubtedly cause them lasting and long term psychological damage.

There must be something going on with the Negro Felon League owners in Texas. They seem like very racist and hate filled individuals. Jerry Jones the owner of the Dallas Cowboys is actually forcing his players to stand during the national anthem. It’s hard to believe that he’s been able to get away with this. Who does he think he is? He seems to think that we are living in the year 1817 instead of 2017.

Roger Goodell the current commissioner of the Negro Felon League needs to get to the bottom of this racist hate from these owners. We are confident he will. The $30 million a year the Negro Felon League pays him is worth every penny. He is like the smartest man alive outside of Neil Degrasse Tyson. That nigga is next level!