Negro Felon League Has Teams with Male Cheerleaders Now

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 19, 2018

NFL male cheerleaders! Such history! Progress much!

In case you were looking for another reason to boycott the Negro Felon League, you my friend are in luck.

Some teams now have male cheerleaders on their cheerleader squads. One of them just made their debut for the New Orleans Saints during a preseason game.

New Orleans Advocate:

After spending about $100 on lower-bowl tickets and driving 2½ hours from the Lafayette area, Tracey Hernandez was nervous as she took her seat near midfield of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Friday night.

It wasn’t the preseason game the Saints were about to play against Arizona that worried her — the dance instructor hardly watches football. What mattered to her was how her son, Jesse, would fare in his debut as the first-ever male member of the Saintsations, New Orleans’ NFL dance team.

Apparently the Los Angeles Rams also have a couple of gay looking Negroes who made their 2018 cheerleader squad. There were previous news reports celebrating the “history” and “progress” that this somehow represents.

This type of gender bending nonsense is really getting tiresome. Taking men and putting them in female roles and taking women and putting them in male roles is not progress. It is not historic either. Retarded is the only way to describe this type of thing.

I don’t even understand the business decision behind this. Your average football fan does not go to watch these games for the cheerleaders let alone male cheerleaders. It’s just another tired example of diversity virtue signaling that our sick society is infested with.

Perhaps this madness would disappear if we started throwing faggots off of roof tops. Say what you want about the Islamic State, but they certainly had no problems with male cheerleaders cheering on professional handegg teams in territories that they ruled over.

Just ask this guy.