Negro-Ball Referee Attacked – ‘Racism’ Blamed

Modern Heretic
September 10, 2015

It’s okay, the violent negro moron claimed the official was “races.”

Are you ready for some negro ball, White man? Sit passively in front of the talmudvision for hours, watch the dark animals run around and slam into each other, consume booze and junk food, absorb endless cultural marxist messages, destroy your body, mind and soul. After all, it’s very important that the negroes on “Red” defeat the negroes on “Blue,” even as your country collapses. Your loyalty must be to those amazing dark monsters, not to your race, your nation or your family. Enjoy the kosher bread and circuses. Cheer for 70 I.Q. creatures that hate you and want you dead. Line the pockets of the jew. Die.

Deep in the heart of Texas, the part that is still somewhat distinguishable from may-hee-co, well in theory anyway, the amazing pig ball living fossils attacked a White official, but it’s fine, he was “races.”

The jewish fantasy team.

The Guardian:

Officials with a San Antonio school district say two football players who are accused of ramming into a referee have accused the referee of directing racial slurs at them.

Negro criminals play the get out of responsibility free card. We all know a White man debased enough to devote time and energy to “look at that boy run” at the expense of his own life and physical well-being probably harbors deep-seated “prejudice” against the same dark animals he worships. Good boys and gentle giants ready for that full-ride scholarship and four years of pathetic submission from gelded White “fans” attacked a referee and then made up an obviously false “dindu nuffin” excuse when faced with a wrist-slap punishment.

Police in Marble Falls, Texas, are investigating the incident, in which two John Jay high school football players rammed into a referee during a high school game.

The focus, of course, is on punishing the Speech Crime that allegedly occurred and not the negro attack.

Video showed the referee watching the play, and his head snapping back when he is levelled from behind. Another player then dives on top of him.

The content of their character. A cowardly negro pack attack on the gridiron. That “African American” sure is tough, attacking an oblivious White man from behind. The big game combines with the Knockout Game. What a hero, can’t wait to buy a Chinese-made jersey with this creature’s name on it to impress everyone with my football cuckoldry.

At a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, the Northside independent school district superintendent, Brian T Woods, said the school will file a complaint about the racial slur allegation with the Texas Association of Sports Officials.

Please ignore the typical negro behavior, there’s a slim possibility a crime word was said.

Woods said the assistant football coach accused of suggesting the students retaliate against the referee has been placed on leave and the two players, who have been suspended, will have a disciplinary hearing.

The negro adult role-model in action. “Git dat honky, nigga, git dat mafudder milk.” Meanwhile, we can expect the disciplinary hearing to drop the hammer, just like the “races” justice system. “Please read one page of ‘Up from Slavery’ and write a sentence fragment describing what you learned…”