Negro and Negress Attempt to Rob Negress’ White Neighbor, Negro Shoots the Neighbor Dead

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2019

Just how stupid are these people?

How could they possibly think they would get away with such a ridiculous and half-baked plan?


A pair of accused killers are behind bars following a deadly armed robbery.

The shooting took place in the 700 block of Edgemont Avenue on the near northwest side.

Police were called to the scene shortly after midnight Saturday morning and found 52-year-old Michael Zdenek Sr. shot to death.

His wife of more than 30 years is still heartbroken by the loss.

According to court records, Michael’s next-door neighbor Katrina Griffith lured the victim outside to see about repairing a scratched van.

That’s when the accused gunman, a friend of Griffith’s identified as Daequan Adams, ran up with a gun and tried to rob Michael before shooting him multiple times.

Katrina Griffith and Daequan Adams.

It turns out, police believe Michael sold an SUV for a few thousand dollars and the suspects planned to steal that money.

“It’s not worth taking a life. We need to stop the violence,” said Midge.

After the shooting, Midge says the gunman stormed inside her home and demanded money from the car sale. Prosecutors say Griffith also went inside her home and waited 40 minutes before she called 911.

According to the affidavit, Griffith initially confessed to police to assisting in the robbery stating she got “used like a pawn.” She then added, “He should have just went into the house.”

Griffith later denied any involvement in the crime. A search of Adams’ apartment turned up bloody gloves and a mask like the one used in the robbery.

“He was everything to me. He took care of me like gold,” said Midge. “I want them to be behind of bars for the rest of their lives.”

A judge granted prosecutors a 72-hour continuance to file formal charges.

Michael Zdenek Sr.