Negresses are More Likely to See Themselves as Beautiful and Successful Than Either White or Hispanic Women

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2017

Standing next to each other are three women: one white, one Hispanic and one black.

The white woman has pale skin, brown hair and blue eyes. Her facial features are refined, delicate and conform to the golden ratio.

The Hispanic woman has light brown skin, black hair and brown eyes. She has a cruder appearance than the white woman, but she retains certain Caucasoid features.

The black woman has dark skin that reflects little light, her lips and nose compete for lebensraum across her face, and due to a month of successful dieting, she’s reached her lowest weight yet: 450 lbs.

Which one of these women is most likely to see themselves as beautiful and successful?

If your answer is “the one who isn’t even human,” you are correct.

Daily Mail:

African-American women have the highest self-esteem and women in urban areas have more body confidence than those in rural ones, Glamour has revealed in nation-wide survey.

Glamour recently teamed up with L’Oréal Paris for the survey of 2,000 women in all 50 states conducted by Harris Poll, looking at how women view themselves in terms of their looks, their career and their lives in general.

The poll found plenty of encouraging trends, including that it seems women are feeling more optimistic about their futures than before, with three quarters saying they are on track to fulfilling their life goals.

But while American women as a whole seem to be gaining confidence, there was a surprisingly stark difference when it came to race.

While 44 per cent of black women described themselves as successful, only 30 per cent of white women and 21 per cent of Latina women said the same.

Black women are also considerably more likely to describe themselves as beautiful, with 59 per cent saying so in comparison to just 25 per cent of white women and 32 per cent of Latinas.

Well, this is funny.

Dating site statistics show that Negresses are the least attractive and desirable women – not just according to white men, but the men of all other races.

Even black men, known for romancing horses during sexual emergencies, reject their own women. That’s got to sting like a slavemaster’s whip.

But everyone already knows that Negresses are hideous and insufferable, so I’m not going to be mean and rub grape drank in the wound.

Okay, a few more images.

Just so people don’t think I’m becoming soft.

The real question is: why do Shaniqua and Le-a (the dash don’t be silent) think they’re “all that” in the first place?

Some white woman gives us her Jewish opinion:

According to Dr. Jean Twenge, a psychologist and author, this remarkable difference is no coincidence.

‘Growing up, black women are taught you’re strong, you’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re enough – and that mind-set is passed down from generation to generation as a defense mechanism against discrimination,‘ she told Glamour. ‘The more confident you are, the better equipped you’ll be to deal with racism.’

I agree that it’s a defense mechanism… but against discrimination?

What discrimination do black women suffer from in the United States? They get everything – from welfare to housing, university placements to government jobs – handed to them on a plate.

I’m more inclined to believe that black women simply know they’re unattractive, especially when compared to white women, so they overcompensate with an excessive outward projection of confidence.

There are other factors at work too, such as a low IQ that discourages introspection and positive representation in the media, but racial jealousy is probably the underlying factor behind their obvious emotional shield.

After all, why would they be wearing weaves and applying skin lightening creams if they were truly secure in themselves?