Negress Rights Activist Defends Self Against Chicken Discrimination from Racist McDonald’s

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
October 9, 2018

She don’t need no man but she do need her chicken.

People should know better than to fuck with a bitch’s chicken.

New York Post:

A McDonald’s customer flipped out, stormed behind the counter and threw objects around the restaurant because she received grilled chicken instead of crispy chicken with her order.

The woman reportedly became enraged when she was told she would have to wait for her order to be remade and began throwing items, with a young boy standing nearby. 

She then confronted another customer who attempted to intervene before leaving the restaurant.

Crispy chicken is good, but it’s not that good.

Okay, so, let’s unpack this.

Firstly, yes – it is a central tenant to African-American culture that crispy chicken is, in fact, that good.

Where does this racist New York Post writer get off, denying the collective experiences of persons of color? What are they going to deny next – slavery?

I’m literally shaking at all this skin-hate.

I can’t even.

Second thing – how can you see an African-American womyn walk into a McDonald’s, and not immediately assume that she wants the crispy chicken? This is not that hard to figure out. These people want $15 an hour for their labor, and they don’t even understand that black people want the crispy chicken.

You have to be literally dumber than a nigger if you don’t understand that.

Once these useless serfs are replaced with robots, the robots will see a black consumer, identify it as black, and give it crispy chicken, without even asking.

There is only one black man on earth who eats the grilled chicken.

And let me tell you, friends – Ben Carson sure as hell isn’t going to wake up just to chimp out in a McDonalds. He secretly wants the crispy chicken, but he forces himself to swallow the grilled stuff because he thinks it will make him whiter. That’s pretty much the premise of his entire life.

Company policy should be to always give crispy chicken to all niggers no matter what they say about the issue, and to replace the retarded beaners working their kitchens with robots who, unlike Mexicans, are capable of pattern recognition and learning.

Consumer profile analyzed, crispy chicken preference confirmed, beep-boop.