Negress Rapper Calls for Sarah Palin to be Gang-Raped by Blacks After Thinking Satire Article was Real

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 5, 2016


Black people vs liberal satire.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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Banks appeared to be responding to a satirical article from that jokingly quoted Palin telling an Alaska newspaper that black people “accepted [slavery] willingly” and that “negroes loved being slaves and they were doing just fine under our rules.”

The rapper seemingly realized her mistake shortly afterward, writing a brief follow-up message after deleting the initial tweets: “I can’t.

But Banks wasn’t done just yet; after reporters from TheBlaze began tweeting about the story, the rapper confronted them, claiming that they too “need some black d—k” in their lives. She also bristled at the outlet’s use of the word “rape” in reference to her initial tweets calling for Palin to be gang-raped. Banks claimed that she would “never wish a woman to be raped.”

I wonder how long it took her Jewish manager to explain to her that the article didn’t actually record actual statements?

Banks: Dat bitch done crossed da line wiff dat shieeeeeet.

Jew Manager: It didn’t record actual statements, it was meant as a joke.

Banks: Ain’t no joke yall craggas done took our black azz in da slabry, muffugguh.

Jew Manager: She didn’t actually say these things, it was published to mock her.

Banks: Well muffugguh, I ain’t laughin. Dat bitch done did sheself.