Negress Gets Mad, Breaks Window of Popeyes Over Meal Deal Misunderstanding

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
May 1, 2018

The problem with blacks is that while nine out of ten of them act like Thomas Sowell, Morgan Freeman or Morpheus from The Matrix, there is always one who acts like an enraged baboon who’s just escaped from the local zoo. Anthropologists even have a term for this bizarre phenomenon: “untalented tenth syndrome.”

Sadly, due to their burning desire to bring back Jim Crow, the southern hillbillies who control the Western media tend to dwell upon the actions of that one rogue negro rather than the nine others who are reading Plato, composing operas or debating the merits of neoclassical economics.

It’s a sad and depressing state of affairs.


A New York woman angry at Popeyes staff for not giving her a soda with her “Wicked Good Deal” combo meal cursed at employees and smashed a store window, police said.

Security footage of the Friday incident showed a woman cursing at the staff, throwing a cardboard sign advertising the combo deal against a door, and smashing a window with a chair.

The woman flipped out at staff after realizing her $4 Wicked Good Deal was not the good deal she anticipated because it did not include a soda, the New York Post reported.

An employee told NBC New York the woman was likely drunk and mistook the Popeyes deal for Wendy’s $4 meal deal.

Police are searching for the woman in the video and are asking the public to be on the lookout for a woman between 18 and 25 years old with a pink bandanna, jeans, and a black jacket.

Seriously though, does anyone read a headline like “Woman Smashes Popeyes Window in Anger Over Soft Drink” and not immediately assume “nigger”?

You don’t even need to know that Popeyes is a fried chicken restaurant to get it. Just the words “woman smashes window over soft drink” conjures thoughts of an overfed sheboon throwing a chair – or even her own niglet – at a window over a perceived rebuff against her character.

The bottom line is that blacks are a slave race, and thus incompatible with the social and financial freedoms that the West provides them. Like women and children, blacks need masters to keep them in line, and if those masters become soft and enable bad behavior – as whites have, and do – then they’ll act out over the pettiest of issues in the hope that someone whips them into shape.

Yes, literally.

Decades of Jewish anti-white propaganda also contributes to this ridiculous and entitled behavior, of course, but its impact is secondary to genetics. The media trains Arabs, Mexicans and other coloreds to hate whites too, but you’ll seldom see videos of them breaking restaurant windows because of a misunderstood menu.