Negress Attacks Pregnant McDonald’s Worker Over Food Order, Shouts “I Hope You Lose Your Baby”

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2019

Shannelle Hanson.

I know that might sound like an extreme reaction, but you need to understand: there was no lettuce or mayo on her McChicken sandwich.

The toppings on a McChicken sandwich are literally just lettuce and mayo.


A McDonald’s worker doesn’t “forget” to add 100% of the toppings to something.

This was no accident.

This was done out of virulent hatred for the color of the epidermis, and wishing death upon the worker’s unborn infant was a fully justified response to it.

Daily Mail:

A furious customer stormed into a McDonald’s restaurant, slapped a pregnant worker in the face and said she hoped she’d lose her baby after she was dissatisfied with her McChicken sandwich drive-thru order.

Shannelle Hanson, 21, purchased the sandwich around 7.45pm on Friday at Norwich, Connecticut McDonald’s drive-thru but became angry because ‘there was nothing on’ her McChicken, which typically comes with mayonnaise and lettuce.

In her rage she entered the restaurant, walked behind the counter and attacked the restaurant manager, who was 29 weeks pregnant, allegedly saying she hoped she lost her child and didn’t care about fighting her as she had ‘bail money’.

The manager was sent to the hospital in the incident for broken and bleeding nails.

She was arrested and charged with breach of peace and third-degree assault of a pregnant woman. She’s scheduled to be arraigned on June 13 in Norwich Superior Court, according to The Smoking Gun.

A witness at the restaurant said she busted through the doors complaining that ‘her food was made wrong’.

She then requested a refund and stated ‘aren’t you going to make my food?’, according to the Norwich Police Department.

An employee then told her that she was not getting her food because she was getting a refund instead. In a huff she said she’d make the food herself and went behind the counter and headed towards the manager at the fry machine.

Staff warned Hanson that the manager was pregnant but Hanson continued to charge towards her.

Hanson then got in the manager’s face and slapped her, trying to provoke a fight, according to the police report. Other staff then intervened to tear them apart. Hanson was punched by an employee in the process.

Hanson allegedly said to the manager ‘What are you going to do?’ in the confrontation.

Once separated Hanson allegedly said that ‘she had bail money and didn’t care that she was pregnant. She hoped I lost my child’, the manger said in a written statement to police. She added she doesn’t know who threw the first punch.

When cops arrived to the scene the pregnant manager said she wasn’t feeling well and was slapped in the face and pushed by Hanson.

She was transported to the Wiliam W. Backus Hospital for an examination and was found with several of her nails broken and one bleeding. She said they broke in her brawl with Hanson, according to the police report.

Cops were called to the scene and Hanson was arrested. She was released on $5,000 bond.