Negress Arrested After Stealing Razor Blades and Attempting Fraud

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
May 26, 2018

Fraud is one of the few crimes nogs are just not good at.

It takes too much brain power to pull it off without getting caught.

That being said, I cannot in anyway comprehend how the hell she thought it would be better to cut her own mouth instead of shoving the blade into her food herself then biting into it.


The Eunice Police Department says they have arrested a woman after she claimed she received a mouth injury from a razor blade found in her fast food sandwich.

Police say that they were called to Mercy Regional Medical Center on Friday, May 15, after a woman claimed she had received a facial injury due to a razor blade found in the fast food she purchased at a local chain restaurant.

The woman, identified by police as 29-year-old Correill Bradley, told police she purchased her food from the restaurant and upon biting into the sandwich felt a strange object in her mouth and then pain. According to police, Bradley then went home and discovered the razor blade inside her sandwich.

Officers said that upon investigating they determined that the injury was not consistent with biting into the object but appeared to be self-inflicted.

Police say that an examination of the sandwich and razor blade revealed that there were no signs that the blade was mixed into the contents of the sandwich.

Security footage was gathered by police from the restaurant as well as from local stores that sold similar razor blades to the one involved in the case. Officers say they were able to locate a store that was missing a pack of blades from their inventory and upon viewing surveillance footage observed Bradley entering the store minutes before purchasing her sandwich. Police say Bradley allegedly stole a pack of razor blades from the store.