Nearly 500 Australian Women are Stuck on the Beach, Nearly 400 Already Dead

I don’t think it’s right to call these white Australian women “whales,” as the media is doing universally.

I’m the number one person who hates women, but even I think it’s cruel to mock the weight of women who are literally trapped on a beach.

Fox News:

Australian rescuers desperately working to save a pod of almost 300 beached pilot whales discovered hundreds more on Wednesday, bringing the estimated total to now nearly 500.

Of those found, 380 have died, making this the largest mass stranding event ever recorded in the country.

Initial attempts to save the surviving animals began Monday when 270 whales were found marooned on a beach and two sand bars near the small coastal town of Strahan.

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service Manager Nic Deka told reporters at a news conference Wednesday that the additional group of 200 whales was spotted from a helicopter less than six miles away and that all 200 had been confirmed dead by late afternoon.

Deka reported that teams of rescuers had managed to save 50 since Tuesday.

“We’ll continue to work to free as many of the animals as we can,” he said. “We’ll continue working for as long as there are live animals.”

While around 30 whales in the original stranding were moved from Macquarie Harbour sandbars to open ocean on Tuesday using slings and boats, several got stranded again.

By Monday night, about a third of the first group had perished.

Wow, Nic Deka is calling these women “animals” as they’re literally dying.

This is what I try to tell these women: Staying fit is not just a social obligation, it is a matter of life and death. If these white “whales” don’t lose some weight, they can get stuck in the sand at a beach, and they can end up dead.

The saddest part should be that no one will care when you die, and even the media will label you a “whale” and an “animal.”

Shockingly, I was banned from the entire internet for calling a woman who died a fat slob. I guess I won in the end, and now the whole media just unceremoniously calls them “whales.”