Nazism Rising: Over 50% of Germans Believe Country Needs “Dominant Culture”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2017

The Nazis also believed that Germans should be allowed to have a culture.


Having a culture that isn’t Islam?

I thought “Never Again” was supposed to mean something.


A new poll shows that more than half of Germans support the idea of introducing a “dominant culture” as recently presented by the country’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere. His proposals ignited debate in political circles and on social media.

The survey, conducted by the INSA research institute for the German Focus magazine, revealed that 52.5 percent of Germans believe that their country needs a “dominant culture” while 25.3 percent oppose the idea of ushering in any such values.

Almost 53 percent of respondents said they associate themselves with German culture while only 30.6 percent consider themselves members of a European culture.

Knowledge of the German language, adherence to the country’s constitution, respect for the equality between men and women, and the rejection of all radical views that contradict the democratic order were considered as the core features of a dominant German culture by the majority of respondents to the poll.

The survey was conducted on May, 3 and included 1,000 people.

On April 30, de Maiziere outlined his 10 principles of a German “dominant culture” in an opinion piece published by the Bild daily. His set of core features of a dominant German culture particularly included the principle of meritocracy, respect for German history and culture, commitment to social consensus and a unifying role of religion and Christian values as well as a definite “behavior pattern.”

Let me just go ahead and break that down for you.

  • Meritocracy = IQ matters = vicious hatred for the color of the skin
  • German history and culture = Nazism and the Holocaust
  • Christian values = not Islam = vicious hatred for the color of the skin

What de Maiziere is promoting is Nazism 101.

“Fire up the lampshade-making machines,” he might as well have added.

The minister did not write about the potential statutory recognition of the proposed set of values and principles, saying that he only sought to “stimulate a discussion about a dominant culture for Germany.”

His suggestions, however, provoked heated discussion among German society as well as in political circles. German Green Party member, Jamila Schaefer, said “preserving one culture” would impede peaceful co-existence and social development in a society that “is always changing,” particularly through migration.

Once again, white women lead the way to peace and Islamic transformation while the men sit around plotting genocide.

Jamila Schaefer

I think the time has come to ban white men from politics entirely.

White men have never created anything – they have only destroyed.

Never forget: Hitler didn’t start the Holocaust by simply rounding Jews up, giving them tattoos, throwing them into rooms with electric floors and then turning their bodies into lampshades and soap.

The Holocaust started by Hitler claiming that German people had a right to exist.

“Please, please, please, just don’t exterminate us completely, I beg you, please, just don’t wipe us out, come on, I’m begging you just let us exist.” -Adolf Hitler

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