Nazis Occupy London, Formulate Plans for New and Improved Holocaust

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2015

Actual infographic produced by the Daily Mail.
Actual infographic produced by the Daily Mail.

When Holohoax sceptics and anti-White Genocide luminaries who understand the one unassailable truth that “the Jews did it” gathered in London for the genocidal mastermind and gas chamber-builder Jez Turner’s London Forum, the Daily Mail flew into its expected Semitic conniptions.

The event, held at London’s prestigious Grosvenor Hotel, drew speakers such as 57-year-old Spaniard Pedro Varela, whom the DM describes as a “self-confessed Nazi.” It then lists how he was arrested in Austria in 1992 for praising Adolf Hitler and telling a “baying crowd” that stories of gas chambers in Auschwitz are lies.

American revisionist Mark Weber, 63, was also present and the DM ran a bio of his rather sensible examination of the incongruities and falsehoods present in the Holocaust myth, only they made him out to sound like a monster that eats babies straight from the wombs of expectant mothers.

Acting like some British Politburo, the Daily Mail photographed guests and boasted to readers that it has “passed its evidence to the Metropolitan Police.” Mentioning a rabid publisher of White-hating communist lies named Gerry Gable, who is a “leading expert on the extreme right” and worked with the Mail on Sunday in their “investigation,” they quoted this hero of hyperbole as blathering, “This is the biggest and most significant meeting of Holocaust deniers that Britain has ever seen. It is a very worrying development.”

As they ran pics of mainly elderly figures from British nationalism, such as former National Front organizer Martin Webster, and ex BNP newspaper editor John Morse, as well as London Socialite Lady Renouf they trotted out hundreds of alarmist words to convince readers that a Fourth Reich was all but already established; only in London.

Describing Grosvenor staff as “nervous looking” as guests arrived, they launched into a transcription of notes taken by one of their rat infiltrators at the forum. This weasel noted that Varela had clarified with the event’s host, 45-year-old former soldier Jeremy Bedford-Turner, what would and would not be acceptable words and rhetoric.

Nonetheless the MoS (Mail on Sunday) spy reported Varela quite rightly describing mixed-race offspring as “blackos” and homo parents as “making a monster family.”

Michael Woodbridge may look like an unassuming scholarly gentleman, but we assure you, stupid goyim, if you don't put him in prison until he dies, he will gas all of the Jews inside your base.
Michael Woodbridge may look like an unassuming scholarly gentleman, but we assure you, stupid goyim, if you don’t put him in prison until he dies, he will gas all of the Jews inside your base.

But the MoS reserved its true angst for when the unabashed star speaker named the Jew for all of its pernicious deeds and lies. He pointed out the wealth and power that the Jew holds and advised that Whites need to be “similar to the officer of the general staff of the army” and know the enemy’s faults. He suggested that currently Whites aren’t that smart, but need to be “smart and clever” if we are to defeat the Jew menace.

Speaking of Jewish influence on America he told the enthralled audience, “The Jewish connection covers all areas and reaches every level.”

“In reality, the Jewish hold on American life is far more dangerous. Why? Jews in America have a strong loyalty to a foreign country — Israel.”

He explained, “Secondly, because of the distrustful and adversarial way in which Jews view the rest of us. This ‘chosen people’ mindset, this “Us vs Them” attitude is anchored in centuries of Jewish history and heritage.”

So whatever else it might have thought it had achieved, the Daily Mail finally printed about the only truthful words ever to come off its presses without even realizing it.

The Daily Mail was successfully able to snap this picture of Jez using their hidden camera.
The Daily Mail spy was able to snap this picture of Jez using his hidden camera.

Naturally, when questioned why they would host such a gathering of human-lampshade sewing monsters in their establishment, a Grosvenor Hotel spokesman said, “Hotel staff were unaware of the meeting.”

So if you want to check out some choice anti-White propaganda, just go the Mail Online’s webpage and particularly enjoy the image of Buchenwald inmates dressed in their spiffing striped pyjamas. Who knows, according to the muck merchants and the Daily Mail this is soon to become the latest in trend in Jewish fashion.