Nazi Troll Army Forces National Review to Replace Disqus Comments with Facebook Comments

Info Stormer
August 9, 2016

It looks as if the Nazi troll army has scored a major victory against the dark Jew and cuck forces of the National Review. William Buckley is obviously not pleased with these developments.


This victory against the evil National Review vermin will be remembered for thousands of years to come.

The National Review has removed Disqus comments under their articles and replaced it with Facebook comments. This is significant because Disqus is a much more open commenting system than Facebook. Granted, they are both bad as we were kicked off of Disqus for apparently hurting feelings awhile back but Facebook is by far the worse of the two.

Facebook is notorious for banning users who do not completely go along with the diabolical Jewish Marxist agenda. They’ve even banned Donald Trump supporters lol.

The National Review’s disgusting anti-White agenda was exposed for all to see on the Disqus comment system. The fact that they switched to Facebook comments proves that they are nothing but a vile blog that spews propaganda supporting a world view of Jewish supremacy.

This is a major win for our cause. The end is near for these subversive Jewish supremacist media operations.

Hail Victory!