Nazi Project to Sink Rapefugee Boats Crowdfunded for $100k

Daily Stormer
June 6, 2017

Good boys eagerly waiting to pay our pentions – and maybe rape a woman or two.

When the craze for “crowdfunding” started, I thought it was pretty stupid. But then Elite: Dangerous got funded, and I was forced to change my mind. Elite: Frontier was, after all, one of my favorite childhood games, and desperately begged for a sequel.

This is the closest mankind has ever gotten to truly exploring the stars till now. Yes, that includes the space program.

But after that, crowdfunding was pretty much only used to promote gay crap.

That is, until now.

Ohhhh, yeah!!!!


After surviving a treacherous journey by land, including reported “public slave markets,” to endure an even more harrowing trek across the Mediterranean Sea, refugees seeking asylum in Europe by boat are now being targeted by far-right activists who want them to drown.

A right wing anti-immigration youth group is attempting to physically block boats full of people coming from North Africa. More than 1,600 refugees have already died crossing the sea in 2017, according to the United Nations. Still, more than 71,000 migrants have traveled across the Mediterranean into Europe in the past six months, angering Europe’s far-right “identitarian” activists who are now trying to let boats full of refugees sink in the Mediterranean.

“It’s a mission to rescue Europe by stopping illegal immigration. We want to get our crew, equip a boat and set sail to chase down these enemies of Europe,” said one member of Génération Identitaire — the French youth movement which emerged in 2002 as part of the Nouvelle Droite (or New Right) — in a video posted on the group’s Facebook page. The video, posted on May 14, has over 246,000 views.

As The Observer recently reported, the group has raised nearly $100,000 in less than three weeks through an anonymous crowd funding campaign. The group says it plans to pay for vessels, travel costs and film equipment. Italian Identitarians claim they have been offered ships and support from people with boat driving licenses.

This is a great initiative. And while this is difficult for me to say this, it’s an even better use of crowdfunding than creating a sequel to Elite.

These parasites need to be inculcated with a deep fear of making the trip across the Mediterranean sea.

Right now, the Negroes believe that Europeans will come and pick them up to bring them to our countries. If some of those European boats instead come to sink theirs, that should have a chilling effect on the invasion.

Godspeed, men. Your ancestors are proud.

[Editor’s Note: Now this is what I call putting the “fun” back in “crowdfunding”! -AA]