Nazi Leader Sargon of Akkad Staging Hostile Takeover of UKIP

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 19, 2018

In a shocking and dismaying development, the Neo-Nazi leader of the “Liberalists” racial exterminationist cult, Sargon of Akkad, has staged a hostile takeover of conservative British political party UKIP.

Sargon, who calls people niggers and praises Hitler on livestreams, is expected to use the vehicle of UKIP to launch a violent revolution against the “kikes” who he alleges “have a stranglehold on the British race.”


A number of prominent alt-right figures and YouTube comedians claim to have joined British political party UKIP, ostensibly to spite anti-racist campaigners who succeeded in getting them deplatformed.

The charge was led by Scottish YouTuber Count Dankula (Mark Meechan), who last Friday tweeted he would join the right-wing Eurosceptic party if he received 10,000 retweets. “I’m not joking, this is not a meme. I’m being completely serious,” he said.

The Count as you may recall taught his dog to kill Jews.

He uses humor to push an extreme genocidal agenda.

By Saturday, the retweets broke the required ceiling, with the Count immediately starting to post videos in support of UKIP, with a video entitled “UKIP Needs You.”

Other online figures, including many from the so-called ‘alt-right,’ have apparently followed suit, including an editor at conspiracy news site InfoWars, Paul Joseph Watson, and YouTuber Carl Benjamin, more commonly known by his alias, Sargon of Akkad.

Paul Joseph Watson is a scientific racist and exterminationist who promotes the debunked myth that black people commit more crime than whites.

He has also claimed that “niggers” were never kings in Egypt, and that the Black Panther film is not accurate.

He is under investigation for pushing an entire Indian family, including their small dog, in front of a train. All of them died.

The move has delighted some members of the party, who have seen their support tank since the UK opted to leave the EU in 2016. Their standing was worsened by a series of leadership changes that has thrown the party into disarray.

UKIP London Assembly Member David Kurten welcomed the three amigos into the UKIP fold, enthusiastically retweeting Watson’s claim that “Joining UKIP is the new counterculture.”

On Monday, Meechan delved into his reason for joining the party, claiming that the weekend recruitment drive had resulted in thousands of people joining the party.

I’d like to thank Stand Up To Racism for getting our talk cancelled. All we wanted to do was have a talk and tell some jokes to roughly 500 people, but since you deplatformed us, we needed something to do with our free time, so we instead got thousands of people to join UKIP,” he tweeted.

The event, scheduled to take place at the Scarborough Spa and Whitby Pavilion for a recording of Sargon of Akkad’s ‘Week in Stupid’ podcast, was due to take place last weekend. Due to protestations from Scarborough Stand Up To Racism, the event organizers were informed on June 6 that they could no longer host the event at the venue, causing it to be canceled on short notice.

Reporting on the cancellation, anti-fascist website Searchlight quoted Kim Hunter of Scarborough SUTR, who said: “It is unacceptable that Benjamin should be allowed to host a show at a family venue owned by the people of multicultural Scarborough, which recently opened its arms to families fleeing war in Syria.

Benjamin has previously been suspended from online accounts and social media platforms, including Google, and thereby his own YouTube channel.

He also famously agreed with the irate/virulent neon-nazi Andrew Anglin that Hitler did nothing wrong and was a good person. He told Anglin that he agrees only whites should be in white countries, but disagreed with Anglin’s premise that they could be rounded up and removed, saying instead that they would all have to be murdered.

It is a dark day that the powerful resources of UKIP are now going to be in the hands of the likes of Sargon, The Count and Joseph Watson.