Nazi Leader Richard Spencer Gets Banned From SoundCloud

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
May 31, 2017

SoundCloud has banned Richard Spencer’s podcast from their site because they are afraid of intelligent White males speaking their mind on important issues of substance.

Nazi leader Richard Spencer has just had his podcast banned from the audio sharing site SoundCloud. It looks as if his content got banned after some Jew faggot complained about it.

Spencer’s content isn’t even that hardcore. He merely advocates for White identity and pro-European causes. Banning his material because it supposedly represents hate speech is insane. If that’s the standard for hate speech than SoundCloud will also need to ban any material that represents the cause of a specific racial group.

The Independent:

Richard Spencer has had his podcast banned from SoundCloud because it violates the audio platform’s terms of use which explicitly forbid hate speech.

The leading white supremacist, who rose to fame for being punched at an anti-Trump protest, is credited with coining the term “alt-right” and used his podcast to discuss his controversial views with guests.

Noting that Mr Spencer’s “alt-right Radio” show did not fit with SoundCloud’s community guidelines, a freelance investigative journalist alerted the streaming site, which has 175 million monthly listeners, to the clash in ethics.

In a lengthy post on Twitter addressed to SoundCloud, Alex Kotch outlined Spencer’s political background and listed inflammatory statements he has made and controversies he had been involved in. He also shared a screen shot of an anti-Semitic response he himself had received since penning the public post in which the user asked: “What do you want SoundCloud to do? Mark his content with a star?”

“There is no question that Spencer & the ‘Alt-right’ traffic in hate speech. It is what they do to make themselves feel better,” Mr Kotch wrote.

So who is Alex Kotch? We have to assume that he’s a Jew since he was whining about being the target of anti-Semitism. Only Jews do that. Beyond that, he seems like quite the faggot. He thinks we are doing this media stuff just to make ourselves feel better. Actually, we are trying to save Western civilization from collapse which is being brought about by Jewish supremacists.

Kotch went so far as to brag about how he got Spencer’s podcast shut down.

He’s also been trying to get other pro-White podcasts shut down.

Censorship of pro-White views are a default policy on many social media sites. SoundCloud is merely following the example set by sites like Facebook and Twitter.

White people are the only racial group not allowed to promote their own collective interests on these sites. When Jews, Blacks or any other group advocate for their own collective interests it is never censored. This shows once again that sites like SoundCloud are actively engaging in hateful anti-White discrimination.

SoundCloud should immediately lift any and all bans targeting pro-White material and apologize to the affected parties.