Nazi Leader PewDiePie Accuses Jews of Commiting World Trade Center Attacks

Daily Stormer

February 18, 2017

The Daily Stormer has been mentioned in relation to PewDiePie in hundreds of media sources in the past week. He’s been targeted by the international Jew and they have begun to revoke his revenue streams in an attempt to punish him financially for making Nazi jokes, a tactic not unknown to the various editors of this website. Disney revoked his contract over allegations of neo-Nazi ideologies and vicious anti-Semitism. This has likely cost him millions of dollars.

Wingdings knew the truth all along.

Does he stop antagonizing kikes? No, PewDiePie has soldiered on. His latest video contains a clear image of an airplane hitting two towers followed by a skull and crossbones and a filthy Jew star. This is a reference to a classic Internet meme by which the world was made aware that Jews were the major responsible party for the World Trade Center attacks of 9/11.

I remember the first time CNN aired my Internet trolling crew’s “Jews did WTC” ANSI art like it was yesterday.

It is quite interesting to see the evolution of PewDiePie from a garden variety troll to exoteric Trumpist to esoteric Hitlerist. If you’re unfamiliar with the history, simply browse the PewDiePie tag on Daily Stormer. This guy is one of the most watched men in the world. His videos have more views than the top CNN news shows, and he is using his platform to promote everything from theatric presentations of a banner that states “death to all Jews” or secret summoning rituals to resurrect Adolf Hitler.

Yes, Jews, this is what is coming to you soon enough.

As the Jews continue to persecute him to his grave for the mildest of jokes he’ll slowly become more extreme in his shitlording, culminating in a snapping point in which he rises as a new Swedish avatar of Kalki to slaughter each and every kike down to the last woman and child. None will be spared the wrath of Pewdz, tenth avatar of Vishnu and the bringer of doom upon the Jew demon Kali, lord of the world in decline.

Bet you didn’t think brofisting video shitposters would bring down the fire of heaven, huh Jews?

Hail PewDiePie!
Hail our people!
Hail Victory!