“Nazi” is a Slur for “White Person”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 20, 2018

We are on so many levels of irony that Jews don’t even know what irony is.

There is much talk about “Nazis” these days.

I am allegedly the top figure of this group, and I honestly do not know what it is.

Of course, I understand the term in the historical context of “a member of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party.” But that has not existed since 1945.

I understand the context in which I use the term to identify myself – I use it because I am called this by others, and I am not interested in arguing about arbitrary labels and insults and would instead prefer to discuss ideas. It is powerful in an “okay, I don’t give a shit, what next?” way to avoid arguing about definitions.

In my debate with Sargon of Akkad, he called me a Nazi and I asked him what he meant by that and he said it was a white person who believed in having a white country for themselves. He agreed that this meant that the Founding Fathers of the United States were Nazis. And I think that is pretty standard.

“Nazi” is anyone who believes that white people have a right to exist as a unique group with self-determination.

Although I personally revere and will openly praise the Third Reich (while having no specific plan to somehow recreate a German nationalist movement in America), people like Richard Spencer, who make a point to distance themselves from Hitler and the Reich, are also labeled “Nazis.”

Even more broadly, it is just “any person who the Jews do not like.” Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and other very mainstream figures have been called “Nazis” by the Jews and their lackeys over the past couple of years, and these people are not calling for a white racial state.

So, the word effectively has no meaning at all at this point, if it ever did.

The only actual real life connotation that it has is to neo-Nazi street gangs. That is, costumed Nazi groups.

For a long time, I was not aware that these sorts of groups actually existed, thinking that they had disappeared sometime in the mid-1990s. To my surprise, they do appear to have come back, and this is muddying the use of this terminology. What had been a joke – a way of owning an insult in order to mock the Jews – now has real life imagery attached to the term.

This obviously puts me in a very weird situation, which I would not have expected to be put in. When I cynically memed this, I had no idea that segments of the Alt-Right would decide that playing dress-up and marching through the streets would be a good idea. Obviously, the whole thing is suspicious, because it is so counterintuitive, and it is difficult to picture anyone legitimately thinking it is a good idea.

But, it is what it is.

These groups are small and I do not expect them to get any bigger than they are now. It is not a big issue.

Moving Forward

It is fine to joke around and refer to ourselves as “Nazis.” I do that still. I see no issue there.

However, in serious discussion with the enemy, when we are called “Nazis,” we need to confront them about what that means. We need to throw it right back at them and say: “what do you mean when you call me a Nazi? Define the term.”

In virtually every case, they will give the same answer that Sargon gave: “well, you believe that white people have a right to their own countries…”

At which point, the obvious response should be: “so then, you would consider the Founding Fathers to also be Nazis?”

And in virtually every case, they might get a little bit tripped up, but they will say yes. If they don’t immediately say yes, then you can easily press them, explain that by their definition, the Founding Fathers absolutely were Nazis, and eventually they will have no choice but to agree.

The meme agenda over the next year needs to be to solidify the idea in people’s minds that whenever a Jewish media outlet says “Nazi,” “white supremacist” or “racist,” what they actually mean is “white person.”

And we are very close to that point.

When we reach that point, the entire mainstream will naturally begin associating themselves, by default, with our movement.

It is all part of the plan.

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