Nazi Hackers Claim Han Solo Dies in Horrible New Jew Star Wars

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2015


I received the following information from a trusted confident, who operates closely with Hackers4Hitler.

DAILY STORMER – WORLD EXCLUSIVE FIRST REVIEW – The new Jew Hijacked Star Wars : The Force Awakens

Jew Jew Abrams Murders Han Solo in Sci-Fi Softcore Interracial Porno “Star Wars : The Force Awakens”.

#HanSoloDies #BoycottStarWars #SpoilStarWars #DailyStormer

Jew Jew Abrams’ newest sci-fi softcore interracial porno “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is set to be released this month.

A secretive organization known as “Hackers4Hitler” has obtained a copy of the film and has this WORLD EXCLUSIVE FIRST REVIEW of the anti-white Jewish propaganda film.

The film is as terrible as those in the “#BoycottStarWars” camp have imagined. The film’s a practical “Birth of a Nation” for the Jew white genocide movement, a sci-fi softcore interracial porno, where the gorilla-esque black hero gets with the young white woman at the end. The film’s been stuffed with Jews such as (((Oscar Isaac))) as well. The “bad guys” include a handsome blonde guy – a Jew’s worst nightmare – white racial purity! The film’s a ripoff of the plot of “A New Hope” and makes little sense.

Luke Skywalker has a cameo similar to the moronic ((((Leonard Nemoy))) cameo in Jew Jew’s last terrible sci-fi abomination. Skywalker’s like the new Yoda…big surprise. Overall the film’s just a crap script that like all Jew Hollywood scripts, just some shit a room full of Jew writers came up with quickly so Disney could start to recoup their 4 billion dollar investment. Let’s not help them, white people.

Unlike the little seen cult classic “Gay Niggers from Outer Space”, Star Wars, targeted to the mass audience and hooked onto an existing property born out of white genius and imagination, is terribly destructive as a whole to white society. Would you let your white daughter see an interracial porno on the big screen? Or your white son see interracial cuckhold filth on the silverberg screen? Don’t let your kids go. Don’t go yourself.

That’s why it’s imperative for those who understand the demonic Jewish attempt to force race mixing propaganda down your throats to SPOIL the movie.

That’s why we propose the hashtags – #HanSoloDies #BoycottStarWars

REMEMBER – Spoil this filth for the kikes and cucks.


The mission is clear: ruin the fun times of the rats who would pay money to these kikes who destroyed Star Wars by turning it into a cuckold fetish fantasy.

Get on Twitter, and get the ball rolling.

Blow it up.



We’ll get another media storm on this one, guaranteed.

We will also get revenge on the Jews.