Nazi Alex Jones Attempts to Incite Anti-Black Riot at RNC, is Not Successful in That Endeavor

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 20, 2016

The thing that I really respect about Alex Jones is that he is willing to completely change his entire belief system when it is financially expedient to do so.

Just a few months ago, he was claiming that Donald Trump was part of a Hillary Clinton conspiracy to stop the Lolbergtarian Rand Paul from becoming President. Then he because a full Trump supporter.

And so it has come to pass that now he has gone full-Nazi, and has gone to the RNC and attempted to start a pro-Trump neo-Nazi riot against the Blacks. When he failed to rally enough supporters for his riot, he decided to have a one man riot, pushing himself into a crowd of communists and slamming into people, while shouting through a bullhorn that “the time has come for race war in this country”  and “1933 – worldwide liberty, ladies and gentlemen.”

“Communists everywhere, openly funded by globalist kikes,” Jones said, as he randomly pushed people in the crowd, trying to get someone to push back.

Eventually, someone did, and Jones faked like he fell into him before going all Humpty-Dumpty. While on the ground, a Black cop ran up and grabbed his arm and began hitting him with it, in a classic “stop hitting yourself” move.

Thankfully, Jones was soon rescued by White KKK member cops, who escorted him like a little boy out of the crowd he had rushed into.

I think this needs to be the new Infowars logo:


The slogan for that dick juice he sells should also be changed to: “It turns you into a one-man Nazi riot.”