Navalny Arrest: I Haven’t Seen Reddit This Mad in Days

Pictured: Alexi Navalny is arrested by Russian officers at Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow

We’ve already reported the fact that “Russian opposition leader” and failed crime syndicate leader Alexi Navalny was arrested on his return to Russia because he didn’t meet the terms of his probation after his conviction for running a cosmetics resale scam.

We’ve noted that very moral people, such as Mike Pompeo, Angela Merkel, and Emmanuel Macron are outraged that a man would be jailed simply for trying to deliver high quality cosmetics at great prices.

Navalny has compared himself to Jesus Christ, and the similarities truly are staggering. One of the chief claims of the Pharisees against Christ is that he was delivering cosmetics at low, low prices.

I think you might be interested to know that reddit is really mad about this.

I haven’t seen reddit this mad in days.

As I’ve said many times, reddit is a barometer for whatever sort of kook agenda the elite are pushing at any given moment.

Obviously, there is a lot of stuff on reddit, but when you see the site just totally buried in a single topic like this, you know it’s a topic that is very important to very important people.

There is no doubt that there is some kind of plan in the works to use Navalny as a prybar for some kind of coup in Russia.

Obviously – and I do think this is really obvious – the logical thing for Russia to have done would be to withdraw his citizenship and refuse him entry. Once they allowed him entry, they really didn’t have a choice but to arrest him, and now he’s in custody calling for people to revolt, looking like some kind of Gandhi figure.

Because he’s not afraid that these bumbling KGB psychopaths who poisoned his tea are going to mistreat him in prison. They couldn’t get the chemical weapons dosage right when they poisoned his tea, so I guess he’s thinking if they try to hit him with a baton they’ll end up knocking themselves out with it instead.

Because remember: Russians are super evil and super dangerous, and they’re right now in the process of taking over the whole world using methods so deviously secret that no one even knows what they are, but they’re also bumbling morons, similar to Yosemite Sam or¬†Sergeant Schultz.