NATO Ukrainians Stage March Honoring the Nazi SS

I remember when the Maidan happened, people were looking at it and messaging me saying “the Nazi revolution has finally begun!”

I said, “well, we’ll wait and see about that, won’t we?”

Then, the Nazis installed only Jews to run the government. And people were like “oh… hmmm…. I guess Anglin was right!”

Of course, the Jews that run the country are continuing to give their peasants the right to celebrate Nazism.


The German Embassy in Ukraine and the country’s main opposition party have condemned far-right nationalists in Kiev who marched on Wednesday evening to celebrate the legacy of SS Galicia, a World War 2 Nazi infantry division.

According to the TASS news agency, about 100 people from various far-right nationalist groups participated in a celebration of the military division’s 77th anniversary.

In response to the march, the country’s second largest parliamentary grouping ‘Opposition Platform – For Life’ asked for a “tough reaction” against the Nazis, and demanded that the organizations who arranged the event be banned. The party also noted what it deemed to be hypocrisy on the part of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s government, explaining that the authorities are blocking the traditional WWII Victory Day parade marking the Soviet victory over Adolf Hitler’s Germany. Kiev officials claim this is due to Covid-19 restrictions, but they did not apply the same rules to Wednesday’s radical march.

Created in Lvov in 1943, SS Galicia was made up predominantly of Ukrainian volunteers who wanted to take up arms for Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union, and mainly fought against local partisans. The unit was almost wiped out in the 1944 Battle of Lvov–Sandomierz, and later saw action in Slovakia and Austria. In 1945, it rebranded as the Ukrainian National Army and lasted until the end of the war in May that year.

So, this is the way it works: the Jews only care about how they can use any given piece of anything.

They are not actually worried about Adolf Hitler. They know he is dead. If they can use Hitler’s memory to push their agenda, they do. In the West, they use Hitler’s memory as an explanation for why white countries have to be destroyed through mass immigration. In the Ukraine, they use Hitler’s memory as an explanation as to why the Ukraine should align itself with NATO and start wars for anal.

The Maidan gave birth to “gay pride” parades in the Ukraine that are enforced by the military.

If someone told you: “you can have Hitler Nazi time, but you have to go full anal and even double anal” – would you take that deal?

I would not take that deal.

The Ukraine is a Jewish cesspit, and all it is is a sex tourism destination for Moslems, which is becoming hardcore gay.